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  1. China---- Chang Ping
  2. Girl info Tell us some WILD experiences outside Australia
  3. Before you go to Thailand
  4. Malaysia
  5. Beijing Shanghai tips needed
  6. Hong kong in may
  7. Seoul, South Korea
  8. Back from Hong Kong trip
  9. R&T in genting island Malaysia
  10. Pattaya
  11. Taipei
  12. Hanoi - any tips?
  13. I'll have a trip in Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia and Thailand, need advise
  14. Auckland
  15. Manila
  16. Singapore
  17. Looking for escort service in Japan?
  18. Trip to Taiwan
  19. London
  20. Punting in Shanghai
  21. Advice for a first time punting holiday overseas ?
  22. punting in vietnam
  23. General talk Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  24. Punting in Istanbul
  25. researching and making me want to go sooner!!! changping, macau, hk, vn!!!!
  26. Philippines - Angeles City
  27. Hong Kong
  28. No condom service - Bareback in Bangkok?
  29. Portugal (Lisbon) and Spain (Madrid)
  30. Some Hong Kong advice please?
  31. Bangkok tips anybody?
  32. Itinerary 26 Apr Shenzhen 5 May Bangkok 15 May Sydney
  33. 2013 - Travel Plans
  34. Punting recommendations for Luoyang, Henan China?
  35. Japan tips
  36. Barber Shop Experiences in Thailand
  37. General talk YAY! Delhi spammers are gone.
  38. General talk Vietnam - Phan Thiet/Mui Ne
  39. General talk Mayor wants Surabaya brothels shut down
  40. General talk Genting Highlands
  41. Girl info Vietnam & Bangkok - Must Do WL's
  42. General talk Philippines Tour
  43. General talk Going to BKK and 'Nam!
  44. General talk Saigon webcams and horny little moles
  45. General talk China -Guangzhou
  46. General talk advice for patpong phuket
  47. Shop info Jomtien Beach and how my penis was contaminated
  48. Shop info Si Racha, Chon Buri, Thailand
  49. General talk seeking info on Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
  50. General talk Hawaii anyone?
  51. General talk munich for oktoberfest and then prague
  52. General talk family phuket - places to stay, stuff to do?
  53. General talk Phuket in late Feb-early March
  54. General talk Beijing info
  55. General talk New York scene
  56. General talk Forum for mongering info - phuket
  57. General talk Bangkok, Thailand Gathering Schedule
  58. General talk Malaysia info please
  59. General talk Your travel plans 2014
  60. General talk Why it is worth the trip
  61. General talk Hong Kong - Wachai Hotel Info
  62. General talk Osaka and Kyoto advice
  63. General talk is form.aus99 blocked overseas?
  64. Girl info Hong Kong intel
  65. General talk Sydney - Manila $530
  66. General talk HELP organizing bachelor party Ho Chi Minh City
  67. General talk bali info
  68. General talk Chinese Restaurant Has Topless “Foreign Male Model” Waiters
  69. General talk fiji
  70. General talk Kuching Malaysia - harbour ktv
  71. Shop info Anyone tried "Angels in Paradise " in Phuket?
  72. General talk Singapore
  73. General talk Hong Kong / Macau
  74. General talk shanghai
  75. General talk Innovative idea in Seoul, anyone heard a report?
  76. General talk Short stopovers in Bangkok and Hong Kong.
  77. General talk The price of Viagra
  78. General talk Beware, Punting in Shanghai
  79. General talk Seoul and Tokyo - Preview.
  80. General talk Philippines - It had to happen
  81. General talk Anyone need a travel guide?
  82. General talk Bali info
  83. General talk Questions re price list from Familia Nobre, Macau
  84. General talk Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh And Hanoi
  85. General talk Bangkok advice
  86. General talk Asia trip....
  87. General talk Las Vegas info forum
  88. General talk Has the lower AUD hampered your overseas punting experience?
  89. General talk Taiwan
  90. General talk Analysis of prostitution pricing throughout the world
  91. General talk LA. Info request.
  92. Question Transfer flight at KL. Help needed!
  93. General talk Best Mens Paradise in Jakarta
  94. General talk Punting in Hong Kong
  95. General talk Filipina waiting
  96. General talk Wechat adventures in Taiwan
  97. General talk any recent intel on Vientiane, Laos would be appreciated
  98. Question Massage sauna in kl
  99. Question Bucks in Macau - HELP!!!
  100. Question Kl stopover
  101. Question Dalian - China
  102. Poll Is it a business?
  103. Question Indonesia - Jakarta
  104. Question RNT Rules in other countries (Asia)
  105. Question Any tips for punting in taiwan
  106. Question In osaka till sunday. Urgent. Any recommendations
  107. General talk Moving to HK
  108. Question Vanuatu
  109. Question any info/tips for Manila & AC
  110. Question Africa
  111. Question Portugal Tips
  112. General talk Makati, Manila - whats the best action
  113. Question Singapore - anything special
  114. General talk Philippines - vagina (yoni) massage service
  115. General talk Macau - Spa scene
  116. General talk Saigon
  117. Question Munich scene?
  118. Question Seoul Busan help
  119. General talk Diaries of Japan
  120. General talk Bali
  121. General talk Best Website to view all Sauna information in China
  122. General talk [VIETNAM] Ho Chi Minh Saigon 27 Jan - 02 Feb
  123. General talk Tokyo
  124. General talk Ho chi Minh / Saigon - travelling in May [need advice]
  125. Question Prague
  126. General talk Angles in Paradise Phuket
  127. Question Massage places in LA and Vegas
  128. Question Suggestions for Hong Kong
  129. General talk NYE in Pattaya?
  130. Question Bangkok from 30/08 to 02/09
  131. Question Any suggestions for Shenzhen
  132. Question Malaysia,KL bros check in!
  133. Question Ho Chi Minh Call Girls Website (GaiGoi)
  134. Question Fiji RnT
  135. General talk Cambodia
  136. Question [QUESITON]: Going to HKG - Recommendation
  137. General talk Bangkok - smooci.com
  138. General talk Any good sauna recommendation in macau?
  139. General talk Wechat girls phillipines manila
  140. Shop info Singapore Agencies
  141. Question Bali Resort Massage
  142. Question Thailand recommendation
  143. General talk Australian man arrested for promoting sex cruises in Thailand.
  144. Girl info Black Tie Escorts, Auckland, New Zealand
  145. Question SHANGHAI
  146. Shop info The phils
  147. General talk Ho Chi Minh City - KTV Gathering October 7-10-2018
  148. Girl info Overseas Price Comparison
  149. Question Jakarta
  150. General talk Hong Kong punting
  151. General talk Angeles City - March 2019
  152. General talk Shanghai or Taipei KTV
  153. General talk Going HCM Vietnam during tet
  154. Question Asian brothels in Auckland
  155. Question Cambodia - girls visiting hotels
  156. General talk Japan, okamoto 0.01 condoms!
  157. Question Looking for kuala Lumpur Advice
  158. Question San Francisco & Las vegas
  159. Question In Osaka for a week
  160. Girl info where to go in Tokyo!
  161. Question Shenzhen information please
  162. General talk The escorts I tried in Spain
  163. Question Thailand resorts
  164. General talk How to find Escorts in Burgos.
  165. Question Tips in Korea
  166. General talk Dubai info
  167. Question FKK Club Frankfurt
  168. General talk Thailand -bangkok
  169. General talk Vietnam - HCMC & Hanoi
  170. Question London massage
  171. Question Bangkok Daytime Suggestions
  172. General talk Seoul, Korea (RnT and FS options)
  173. General talk Sex at Ho Chi Minh
  174. General talk Bangalore (India) FS
  175. General talk Bangkok
  176. General talk Best countries for punt prefer with beautiful girls
  177. General talk how long before we aussies can punt overseas?
  178. Question Hooker in Guangzhou
  179. General talk Pattaya bar live streaming
  180. General talk Find Best Escorts Directory Of UK
  181. General talk Are you looking escorts in London ?
  182. General talk Japan love hotels
  183. Shop info new caledonia
  184. General talk Phillipines
  185. General talk Thailand will open soon
  186. Question hawaii dining
  187. General talk What is the most unpredictable
  188. General talk Manila is open for business
  189. Question AFRICA
  190. Question Thailand 2022
  191. Question Smooci - Thailand
  192. General talk Suit Tailors in Asia
  193. Question First time BKK - Logistics question
  194. General talk Viagra in bangkok
  195. General talk What's the best place in asia for WL tourism right now?
  196. General talk Vietnam
  197. Question UAE suggestions
  198. Question Best massage shop to find stunning women in Bangkok?
  199. General talk I’m heading to bali
  200. Question First time overseas in Philippines
  201. Question Heading to KL. Any sugeestions?
  202. General talk Tokyo advice
  203. Question Question on realisitc expectations for the quality of WL, ML and bar girls in Thailand
  204. Question San Francisco - Massage Parlor
  205. General talk True cost of mongering OS
  206. General talk Auckland cbd where’s the action ?
  207. General talk First time sex tourist
  208. General talk KL recommendations please
  209. Question In Hanoi
  210. General talk Thailand - post COVID
  211. Question Taiwan Intel
  212. Question Advice on Korea?
  213. General talk Japan - love hotels
  214. General talk Stay home and play or go?
  215. Question Johor Bahru near ksl city
  216. Question Las Vegas suggestions
  217. Girl info Bali
  218. Question Singapore
  219. General talk Meeting Women for Holiday in Philippines
  220. Girl info Israel
  221. General talk First time in Phuket/Thailand
  222. General talk Don't take the wife...
  223. Question South America - Colombia, Brazil etc
  224. Question Have you meet up with uni girls with private insta/OF accounts in Thailand?
  225. Question Philippines or Thailand?
  226. Girl info I was nervous
  227. General talk Medications and Vaccinations for Thailand
  228. General talk New Zealand - Auckland
  229. Question Any intel on Mumbai?
  230. General talk How Hard is it to Learn How to Surf?
  231. General talk Any intel on Taipei or Seoul?
  232. Question Bangkok
  233. General talk Manila visit in June, recommendations?
  234. General talk Thailand recommendations
  235. General talk 2 Weeks in Manila - what to do, where to stay.
  236. Question Japan?
  237. General talk Bali suggestions
  238. Question First time thailand
  239. Question UK punting...
  240. Shop info Bali
  241. Question Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  242. Question Pattaya in July
  243. General talk China: Guangzhou or Beijing
  244. Question Seoul Advice
  245. Question Where are there good games in Australia?
  246. Question London escorts
  247. Question Advice on Thai freelancers
  248. General talk Best Tourist Spots in London for Companionship
  249. General talk Bush Mountain, Pattaya
  250. General talk The Coconut Bar, Pattaya