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  1. Forum time is not correct, not sydney time
  2. Can't post in General Forum
  3. New Forum - Colour (Lets vote and tell us your preference)
  4. Sigh at the new layout
  5. New Website
  6. How is the number of views on each Thread being tallied
  7. How do you delete a post ?
  8. Wont stay logged in?...
  9. Can number of PM stored be increaded?
  10. Spam
  11. Tapatalk
  12. Searching for a user, only knowing part of their username
  13. Masstige 8 banner not working
  14. Lipstick Banner not working
  15. How is "Active Users" being counted??
  16. PM user within thread
  17. Use of the prefix when starting a new After Report thread
  18. Member Avatars
  19. Admin
  20. Guests are not allowed in this area?
  21. flashing neon lights
  22. Looking for Former employee of toyko cats
  23. Reply with quote
  24. Scroll Bars.....
  25. Request List of Shops
  26. Want to buy advertising?
  27. Seperate Roster subforum
  28. New Section: Offtopic
  29. Please add more Moderators
  30. Search help
  31. It won't post.
  32. How do you attach photos?
  33. Thread prefix list missing when posting new AR
  34. Where is the Adult Photos and Videos?
  35. Search function
  36. Deleting account?
  37. A website wants to open content using Adobe Flash Player.
  38. New Posts
  39. Security Token Was Invalid
  40. How to aviid Photo/Video Sharing in new search ?
  41. Creating After-Reports
  42. WL orientated statistics/correlated posts
  43. Other states section for Perth, Darwin, Cairns & Adelaide experiences
  44. vid an pic download how
  45. Table tests
  46. Bluemoon - where is my post???
  47. How to view only your subscribed threads with new posts
  48. Is there a way to list all the forum user names ?
  49. Is there an option to make a poll?
  50. who's on live in the forum- not working
  51. pop up to install mobile app
  52. 647 Elizabeth St not on After Report Prefix Drop Down Box
  53. Embed video
  54. Shop Roster Section - Annoying posts
  55. popup re analytics.js
  56. New session for [Girl info] post
  57. Can you change your user name?
  58. Report violent post
  59. VPN and 403
  60. How to upload a photo in a larger size like Ahlungor ??
  61. Criteria for whole posts being removed.
  62. image verification ?
  63. guests
  64. Mobile verion
  65. Cannot access forum via Tor network
  66. Five Dock 203, was quite fine...now...
  67. Gold Coast forum
  68. compliment
  69. Thank admin & moderators....
  70. Change Name?
  71. how to pm
  72. please support Tapatalk or better than forum runner
  73. How to post the shop roster?
  74. Time
  75. Separate forums for R'n'T and FS?
  76. HTTPS support for the forum
  77. Referrals
  78. Can't return to mobile version?
  79. linking forums
  80. Fake Advertisement/Girls
  81. Shop girl/info and General Talk split
  82. lose the bright yellow colour
  83. Is there a way to find rural RnT/FS?
  84. MASSAGE Reviews ...
  85. VPN usage and the looming metadata collection begins
  86. Vpn access denied
  87. How much does the shop get?
  88. Messages
  89. Time
  90. adult shop LELO
  91. Ad broken link
  92. Bondi ladies (suite 2, 6A Gray street)
  93. Shop and Girl Info & Shop Roster - Why both?
  94. Account blocked
  95. Accessing the forum from overseas
  96. vitality charm massage
  97. Does the forum go down alot?
  98. to admin aus99
  99. Lasered / Waxed MLs
  100. How to post a profile pic which is visible to members when posting comment on threads
  101. Cant send PM coz of error message
  102. Test
  103. VPN locations no longer work
  104. Hey admin
  105. how long?
  106. Searching post based on tag
  107. why have i been demoted
  108. Have forums.aus99.com redirect to forum.aus99.com
  109. Hiiii admin
  110. test
  111. Nude lady barber
  112. Problem logging in on Android Phone
  113. Cant access inbox/messages.
  114. Unable to PM
  115. Out West
  116. IP Address issues
  117. Secret Section for Qld
  118. Cant post
  119. Make three letter words searchable
  120. Search issues
  121. Iphone -syd99
  122. temporary thread for testing purpose from admin
  123. Time stamps for posts incorrect.
  124. From outside australia "You IP is being blocked"
  125. How many posts until you are able to send PMs
  126. Members posting *reviews* and asking for money to provide details of providers.
  127. Delete Account
  128. TEST
  129. Review in NSW private section disappeared
  130. Unable to view latest started threads for some users
  131. Can anyone explain what this means and how do you do it?
  132. Are we allowed to discus Ladyboys on this forum??
  133. Where to Find Dream Asian Girl at Just Escorts
  134. #Clean Up
  135. Victorians - where are they?
  136. How to contact admin?
  137. Can I advertise for girls?
  138. Membership levels
  139. How many posts for pm
  140. How long does it take to be posted?
  141. Massage forum
  142. Link to secret massage forum?
  143. Hello world
  144. So what is nuru
  145. Shop profits
  146. I cannot PM or receive PM. What's wrong with my accout?
  147. Forum very slow
  148. Rating System
  149. Question
  150. Question
  151. Can i ask mod to change my name?
  152. Invalid Redirect URL (http://aus99forum.com/)
  153. Is there other kinky guys out there besides punting
  154. Dark mode
  155. Private massage after report forums for other cities
  156. How to PM/DM others?
  157. Can't get past page 1 of posts
  158. PM enabled
  159. Typo in welcome screen
  160. Changing user name
  161. Can't change pages in mobile view when emojis in title
  162. Anyone else having problems with syd99.com ?
  163. Problem with HTML CSS Styling
  164. Filter for search / quick links
  165. Ban
  166. Seeking contact with Admin/Moderator
  167. Brisbane threads to delete
  168. How to get a member (leon_001) banned from this forum?
  169. Mark Forums Read.
  170. Creating New Profile for Seeking Arrangements- Sugar Babies
  171. How to post my new shop information on the forum
  172. After Report retrieval or draft?
  173. Fraud on Skokka
  174. Newcastle thread?
  175. Mods - access to old account?
  176. how to ads in AUS99
  177. My posts aren't being posted
  178. Contact with the Administrators
  179. Disabled Account/Awaiting Activation
  180. How to enable Private Message - PM
  181. Sales Team
  182. Dark Mode Please
  183. Issue with threads not loading properly
  184. Is there any way to find my ID?