View Full Version : Perth - the massage road trip

16-06-2021, 10:44 PM
I was in Perth last week and made a road trip to stop in a Thai Massage opposite the Perth Concert Hall.

Prices are on the front door. I went for a nice round $50 for 40 minutes. Entrance is on the main road. Inside is a reception then up a small flight of stairs. Shown to one of three rooms. The other two rooms appeared to be in use. So I guess it was a busy afternoon.

My masseuse was a very average chinese 40 yo. Average body, not overweight but average. Wearing the ughh boots sort of added some aussie flavour.

Massage started with shoulder poking and simple rubbing. The rubbing when someone is bored . That went on for ten minutes until she decided I need hot towel to wipe off oil. Eventually returns and wipe it clean. Turning over the same massage style continues until she got to the tackle. A bit more attention there and then came the expected hand signal.

$50 with topless, $80 naked.

I was happy for her to stay clothed and took the $50 option. She did apply herself to this task and achieved a good outcome.

Next time I'm in Perth I would try somewhere else.

Take care.