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14-10-2021, 04:19 PM
I was on holiday in Hobart early this year and while there I had the desire to try out RnT for the first time - it was my first ever punt and I wanted to make sure things all went well. Googled around a bit and I found out about Studio 14 which fit my needs as it runs completely legally.

Website: http://www.thestudio.bz/ (It seems to have been rebranded a bit since my visit but the setup is the same)
Services: NHJ

Using the site I was able to book a masseuse named Summer for 30 minutes late on a Friday evening. Zero hassles booking in everything online a few hours before the appointment and I received a text message around half an hour before the time seeking to confirm that I would be there.

The studio itself runs from a converted house. There are multiple rooms available and each has a different theme, my session with Summer was in the Luxe room which was a large room with a massage table off to the side with several large mirrors on each side. Unfortunately none on the roof which would have been nice!

Summer answered the door wearing a beautiful lacy camisole. I was led into the Luxe room where I was offered some water and I made the payment. From there I was told where the shower was, so I quickly washed myself and returned to the room where I lay face down for the massage to begin. Part 1 was a fairly standard affair with some fantastic teasing, where she would lightly tease and tickle my balls by lightly running her fingernails across them a few times before moving back to my legs. After 15 minutes or so of beautiful torture I was asked to flip, and seeing that I was more than standing at attention at this point she disrobed, oiled up, and started a long bodyslide. Her hands were always teasing my little man, and after a few more minutes of slides she lay alongside me and started a catbath while jerking me. I told her I was close and she increased the tempo across the board until I blew my load and we lay there for another minute in the afterglow. After cleaning me up with some hot towels we ended the session with a shared shower where lots more teasing from both of us followed. We dried off, I dressed, and after a final hug and kiss on the cheek from her I left a happy man.

Would I recommend it? If your budget extends that far, certainly. I've had a few more RnT sessions since then but none have felt so good, but given the prices charged I would expect most people to be turned away and look for a more usual experience elsewhere.

Hopefully this helps anyone who may be curious as it looks like anywhere non-Sydney doesn't see too much activity around here.

08-11-2021, 12:34 PM
What was the price? Wouldn't have expected this in TAS

30-01-2022, 07:53 PM
For anyone coming across this in the future - was eyeing a future trip to Tasmania and it looks like this location has closed.

04-02-2022, 03:00 PM
it looks like they have a location in launceston that is closing in a few days