View Full Version : Priya - Mt Waverley Massage Shop

29-01-2022, 10:26 AM
Person's Name : Priya

Establishment : Massage Shop in Mt Waverley (Forgot the Name)

Month/Year of Visit : Jan 2022

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 02/303 Stephenson Road Mt Waverley

Phone : 0452574030

Hours of Business : 9am - 7pm

Rates : $50 for 30mins

Extras Cost : $100 Nude HR with full access

Services Provided This Session : HR, DATY

Age : 28

Size/shape : Plump

Nationality or Ethnicity : Indian

Value for money/recommend? : No really

My experience/comments :

Haven't had any session for a long time, so decided to try this place. I've always been attracted to indian/sri lankan ladies. Went in, paid for the service. When the girl walked in, i saw her and was less impressed. Not a good looker to be honest. But it was too late to turn back so decided to go for it. Massage was bad. on the flip, she started playing with my Jr after the negotiation. After a while, I requested her to lay on the bed and went for a DATY session. She seem to be enjoying it. I did as well. After a while, closer to the time, she finished me off and cleaned up with a warm towel. I wouldn't go back to see her, but if there was any other good looker, I wouldn't mind trying again.