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24-07-2012, 09:07 AM
Given only the major eastern seaboard of Australia states get their own headings I decided to put this in the overseas tread. Please feel free Admin to move the post to more appropriate location if there is one.

Person's Name: CoCo

Establishment: Lili Massage Centre

Contact Details/Address: 6 Edmunds Street Darwin NT 0800

Phone Number: 08-8941 8219 and 0487 194 881

Hours of Business: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Prices: 40/30 min massage; 60/60 min; Extras depends on service taken. In my case $60 for FS

Age: early 30s

Size/shape: Slim about 160 cm tall, that is average height

Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese

Services: Massage & FS.

Date of Visit: Sunday 1 July 2012

Value for money/recommend?: Yes. I would return again, have now been here 3 times in total.

My experience/comments

I perused the NT News to see if there was anything work trying. However, I saw nothing of interest and based on my research while in Darwin in May 2011 decided to venture back to Lili massage. I arrived at about 4PM, having made a booking for this time. Before hand I had a few ales to ensure I was not dehydrated. Lili’s is a located in a donga, a transportable building used in the mining industry. Lili’s may have a bathroom/shower but I have yet to see these facilities. There were some people sitting on the lounge in reception but I was whisked straight off to a room just down the corridor having handed over $60 to the mamasam at reception for a 60 minute massage. CoCo came into the room, a woman from China, with short black hair, brown eyes wearing a short denim skirt and short sleeved blouse and thongs. CoCo is I reckon in her early to mid thirties and is of average height and build. She had a set of b cuppers. CoCo is certainly no glamour in the facial department, just an average looking Chinese woman. I stripped off fully and lay down on the massage table, CoCo did not cover me with a towel and the door was not locked. CoCo proceeded to give me her best massage, which is not a patch on a proper Chinese or Thai massage. In the course of conversing with CoCo, whose English skills were quite reasonable, I learnt that she was from Sydney, Leichhardt to be exact.

After about 30 minutes of massage CoCo asked me to turnover. It was at this point CoCo asked with would I like sex. I asked what she meant by sex and pushed the envelope by saying was she referring FS. CoCo said for $80 I could put my cock in her. Again pushing the envelope I said I only had $60 and she agreed to do the deed for this sum. CoCo then locked the door and we then proceeded over to the single bed by the window, the venetian blinds were closed. CoCo stripped down, has a nice C scar running from navel to the top of her groin and had a trimmed bush. I proceeded to do some oral work on CoCo breasts and nipples while CoCo worked on getting the pole to full attention. Got CoCo to dom me up and she applied a liberal dose of lubricant. I entered her in mish and slid like skating on glass. Indeed with all the lube I felt like I was pushing an oar around in a 44 gallon drum. So I got CoCo to flip into dog position and resumed plugging away at her pussy. Eventually I got enough feeling to fill the party balloon up with a big accumulation of jizz. CoCo cleaned me up and was working on turfing me out ASAP when I asked for a head massage. Got about a couple of minutes massaging here when. As I had shot my load I decided it was time to bail and redressed and stepped out of the donga onto Edmunds St, and ultimately the Mindil Beach Sunday market, some 50 minutes after having entered. I was not concerned at losing 10 minutes as getting FS for $120 was a bargain compared with Darwin Escorts $300 for the same experience. When I am next in Darwin I will not doubt revisit Lili Massage as I think it is good value for money. As for finding some backpackers doing pay for play I do not think things have progressed that far yet in Darwin, they are too busy tripping and a drinking.

Mr Been

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28-08-2012, 05:00 PM
Thanks for the report brother Been,

I agree with you and I think Admin should set up another thread for OTHER STATES AND PERHAPS NEW ZEALAND, I felt the same when I was in Perth a couple months ago, like where do I post my stuff??


07-04-2013, 05:33 PM
Thanks for the report brother Been,

I agree with you and I think Admin should set up another thread for OTHER STATES AND PERHAPS NEW ZEALAND, I felt the same when I was in Perth a couple months ago, like where do I post my stuff??


What are you talking about ???

You're already on exactly the section that you're asking about ! " Other States In Australia - After report "

20-04-2013, 04:55 PM
great FR thanks for the fedback, if I will be visitng soon

18-05-2013, 10:30 AM
Paid a visit here recently, not a great choice in girls, I did see a girl called CoCo but she told me it was her last day so not sure if the was the same girl as mrbeen's ar. Although overall experience was pretty much the same

26-05-2017, 07:12 PM
AVOID. What a rip off. Dropped in first to discuss a duo. Was told it would be great. Decided to think about it and after a call where I was reassured of a good time and after only 2 pints thinking about it some more I decided to run with it. I was not completely nuted by grog at all. Paid $200 for FS for 2 women for 30 mins. My radar twitched as soon as I laid down and they immediately hit me up for another $100 to extend to an hour. One chick sat at my feet out of reach and the other put her tits in my face and kept encourageing me to spend another $100. I had to keep my hands to her twins or left arse cheek only. Suffice to say no mood and as a result of really poor half hearted attention I didn't finish. I only got to dip the wick with one and it was awful - on a table and only as missionaries do it, tried to switch to another style but told no - and also a big no about trying the 2nd one even though it was supposed to be included. No attempt to make it a great time for me - I never got completely wooded the whole time. Both ladies had a nice set of twins and that enough should have driven me wild, but the constant badgering for another $100 killed the mood for me. I have looked at phone records - I was in and out and up at a bar on Mitchell St in 27 mins - this included a shower before we got underway. Don't waste your time and money is my recommendation. I am looking to finish the deed tonight elsewhere.

07-10-2017, 09:32 PM
I've found this place to be hit and miss, but the girls are pretty decent looking just a bit middle aged. The reception lady doesn't seem to be customer service orientated, she thinks more about taking money because there's so many people that come and go in Darwin they really care about getting repeat customers
If you want double and younger girls there are other joints to try, maybe Butt er fly? I've had younger girls there and the mamasan seems friendly and always pushes to do doubles.

The Fonz
09-11-2017, 11:09 AM
I was extremely surprised by the availability of natural service in Darwin by Asian WL and ML. - on offer up front for $$$
Rather odd, given Darwin has a extremely high STD rate when compared to other cities around Australia
Naturally i declined the offer.
Many of these girls are FIFO just like the people on the gas project.

24-08-2020, 05:54 PM
looks good is it real good like that?

23-09-2020, 07:42 PM
Agree seems BBFS is readily available in Darwin..