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24-04-2013, 11:08 AM
Now that there is a section for other States, I think I should re post this little gem of a shop in Canberra for future brothers benefits!

Anita 38 DD Cups from 77 Bamboo House Canberra

I have an overnight trip to Canberra today and lots of pleasant surprises, not only on punting but also punting wins at the casino and seeing lots of cricket people as they are staying in the same hotel - the Crown Plaza!

After all my business engagement is completed, I hit the Casino and won some money, so off I went to revisit the Fyshwick FS scene which I haven't been for years !

And my rental car is a manual drive too, WTF, I haven't driven a stick for so many years and fair enough at the first intersection out of the airport it died on me a few times .

And I took the wrong turn to Gladstone Street, anyway, eventually got there , hah 77 brought back so much memories!! There used to be two shops now three because the adult shop now also a FS , when I got there, a group of 5 or 6 Aussie brothers were just in front of me and they asked the woman behind the door how many girls she has she said six girls, so they all went it, well, that rule that shop out, which is called Pretty Girls.

Then there is the ground floor shop called Bamboo House, I think it's an Asian shop, before I went in, I said to myself, I want to play big tits, I must have big tits, if no big tits I walk, I have all night and there are plenty other shops.

So I rang the bell, a good looking MILF opened the door, looked reasonably busty with some casual clothing, she smiled to me and said come on in darling, holded my hand and lead me to a waiting room, then she said all the girls are busy can you wait 10 min. I didn't want to wait so I said I'll check out upstairs, she said where are you from darling I said from Sydney, she laughed, no originally, I said Hong Kong, she said I love Hong Kong, I said where are you from she said I am half Thai half Malaysia . I said ok thanks and then I walked towards the door, this lady still holding my hand and said I am available you know I give very good services, as she spoke she rubbed my arm against her boobs and they are good and real, Wow, another sexy busty mamasan !! I was very tempted but my head told me just walk and check out upstairs first, there may be a busty Korean upstairs waiting for me, so I let go of the mamasan hand and headed upstairs, the shop upstairs is called Pink Girls, was a Korean shop not sure if still is.

Rang the bell, a Korean guy opened the door and took me to a waiting room , a moment later a Korean girl walked in Alicia I think her name is, late 20's average looking and average body, so not for me, said hello, a very soft handshake and left, the papasan returned and asked how long I like to stay.

I said she is too skinny for me, do you have other girls with bigger boobs? He said in 5 min there is another girl , so I asked to used the bathroom then went back and wait, in 5, I saw a lady showing a big muscular guy out, the door was not closed completely, then the girl walked in and said hi I am Yuki , well this girl is not too bad, still a petite girl but better looking, quite cute too with brown hair, she is wearing a fishnet top showing the bra underneath and the bra is see through so I can see her nipples, nicely shape breasts. Not too big, a full B cups, haha she is really tempting too (I think most brothers here will be happy to take her, but I have promised myself a big boobs treat so I resisted and walk.

I was going towards my car and planning to hit Wollongong St for other shops, then I saw this sexy woman wearing a see throght short nightie and show match black lingerie underneath and her big boobs are nearly bursting out of her bra, I have a closer look, it's the same Mamasan, wow, she now take all the boxes, I'll have her!!

Ok I just realised that I have written so much BS and haven't even got to Anita yet, sorry about that, so I split the review and you can just read this part, all the juice actions! I promise.......haha

So where was I , so I saw the previous Mamasan from Bamboo house now changed into a sexy outfit and she got the goods! She looked at me and remembered me then gave me a cheeky small: oh you finished already?? I thought, WTF I went upstairs for like 10 min how could I be finished, you bitch, I should fuck you or most likely your big tits real hard later!!

So I put my hand around her waist and walk back inside with her. I said how come you look so sexy now, she said this is my working clothes, you like, I said you look great your boobs are so big, she laugh and said I though I am not your type, I said you are definitely my type I love big boobs, she said my name is Angie what is your name I said Allan (Allan was the name I used for all my earlier punting days). So you don't like the young Korean girls upstairs, I said yeah I saw a couple girls quite young and pretty but very skinny, no boobs, Angie can see that I am really into her tits but guess what, she said to me, if you like big boobs wait and see my sister, she is younger, bigger boobs than mine and all real!! As she speaks, Angie grabbed my hand and put on her tits, of course I accepted the invitations and gave them a real good feel, they are real alright, very firm too, I so wanted to free them from the bra, while I was sampling this nice pair, another lady emerged from the back, her tits arrived before the rest of her body!!

She is big man! She was wearing a red fishnet dress so I can clearly see the black bra inside and they are either two size too small or the tits are just too huge to be properly contained!! The girl is call Anita, haha triple A day!! Allan Angie and Anita!!

So no mucking around here, I asked Angie , how much is half an hour, she said $130! Give me $210 and you can have both of us, I give you $50 discount! Once again very tempting , then I thought, ok let think this over, Anita's tits is so big and I will be spending most of my attention on them, so it really will be excessive if I take both girls, so I declined the offer and handed $150 to Angie, shr said go thr room i will bring your change.

Then I suddenly have a thought, they are so friendly and willing, may be they will let me. So I turned to Angie and said your boobs are so nice, can I take a photo of them, then I used my hands to form a window and placed them over Anita's breats, Anita then said , photo is ok but no face, I said of course, she then said I charge you more, how much? $20. Ok, Angie, can you give the change to Anita please.

Anita took a fresh towel from the shelf and took me to a room, good size room, double bed at the corner with a wall mirror, may be a queen size, shower at the other corner, a double seater sofa, a traditional brothel look and quite clean.

Once inside the room Anita said you take shower first darling I'll be right back, would you like a drink, I said no thanks I got water. Then I have a quick shower, put the towel around me and right on cute, Anita returned.

I thought I better take the photo first before she changed her mind so I took out my phone and said lets take some photo on you big boobs.

Ok boobs only no face, I said don't worry I will show you, and she was going to take the dress off, I said your dress is so sexy lets take one with it, so I did and Anita wanted to check the photo, then I took one with the whole body, then she took the red fishnet off and I shot one with the black bra, then eventually the bra off and one on the naked breasts, very nice indeed!!

And Anita gave her approval of the photos too, put away my iPhone and on to the bed, I lied on my back, Anita took her panties off and lie on top of me, the big tits in all their glories are now hanging down from her chest and waiting for me, wait no more, I went for them big time.

First up put my hands underneath them and felt their weights, then gently caressing the nipples which are already erected! Anita is a typical Thai girl, healthy looking brown colour skin, not too dark, she is actually quite pretty, long flowing hair to the middle of her back, size 8, small waist and a very sexy ass, meaty and bouncy, just the way I like it.

Now back to the breasts, as Anita was sitting on me, I buried my head between melons and just rub my face to them, kissing and sucking and both hands squeezing them and Anita don't mind at all, when I came up for some air I said its great that your tits are all real, she said, yes, thanks to my mother, she is very big too, and even if I am not big I don't want implants they leak eventually and you cut off breasts very bad!

Then Anita used her tits to lightly slapped my face, I love that, Sophie from 501 used to do that to me every time, thinking of Sophie I though I better ask Anita how big, she said dress size is 10, double D cups, I said I don't know what 10 is, how about 36, 38 or 40, I think may be 38! Ok them 38 DD Cups they are. More play on the tits and Anita said, I suck you ok? Of course, so she put a condom on the side and started a quick cat bath on me, nothing like the Korean style or 5 Star standard, just a quick licking and sucking of both nipples my chest and then went straight to my balls, I know Canberra standard everything is covered but still good to have her tongue licking my balls a bit to get me real hard, then on with the Dom , as Anita put the Dom on, she pointed to my ring finger and said, better safety first hah, you married man, I said fine , safety is good, do CBJ commenced,

Well, I think we Sydney punters are so spoiled with all the BBBJ we been getting all the time, so Anita's BJ is only average, and she only sucked for like 3 min and then she said, you are so hard, I want to fuck you now, she got to the cowgirl position, lean over to the bedside table and got some lube on her hand then to the pussy then she mounted me, with the lube, it was an easy and smooth passage, I was all in.

So Anita started to ride me! All I want was to play with her tits and set her in a position where I can put my head between her face, so after a couple of minutes I pull Anita towards me, holding her upper body against me real tight so I can move my hips and started to bang her from underneath, did that a bit and then I thought, I got to fuck those tits, so I stopped and pushed Anita off me, she said you cum? I said not yet, I want to change, ok you on top or doggie, I said no I want Spanish, oh, you want to fuck my boobs, I said of course they are so fucking nice, so I pulled the condom off, reached for the lube and put some on my cock and then put Anita back on top but her body between my legs, gee, those tits are so big, they completely swallowed my cock, as I was fucking them, my whole Cock remained completely inside, can't even see the tip of it as I was sliding in and out, awesome! May be I was too small......lol

Gee my favourite position, fucking one if the biggest and nicest pair of tits I ever had, it didn't take long before I was getting close, Anita was wearing a gold chain with a charm so I asked her to move it behind her neck and just before I shot I told Anita to look up so I won't shoot into her face!! And Anita was encouraging me with some dirty words: oh your cock is so hard, so warm between my tits, I want you to fuck my tits, I want you to cum now baby, cum all over my tits! And I did!!

After I cum I usually said thank you to the WL but Anita beat me to it, she thanked me for seeing her, really nice attitude, then she cleaned me up and said you shower ok, I said you can go first, she said I shower in the staff place, I said ok that's new, so I got up and shower myself and after I got dressed, Anita came back to the room with the towel wrap around. She said how long you are in Canberra, just one night for business, oh so soon, I thought you come back tomorrow to do double with me and Angie, I said may be next time.

Anita said but I am not always here I lived in Sydney! I said really where do you work, she said I don't do this work in Sydney I got family, I work in nursing, I thought you can nurse me anytime with those tits!

Then I said , if you like to work in Sydney I know some very nice place you can try, I can see Anita's eyes lit up a bit and said you have numbers I said I do actually, as I open my phone and look for the number I said, there is this place call 5 Star in Sydney and they can use someone like you, they don't have anyone with your boobs, but I am not skinny, a lot of clients like skinny girl like upstairs in the Korean shop, I said true but plenty of people like your body too, you are beautiful and sexy and your services is good and you speak very good English, you will be popular.

So Anita found s piece of paper and I wrote Sam and. 5 Star on it and the phone number from the website, and I also wrote Ahlungor on it and Anita wrote something in Thai next to my name so she can pronounce it! Very clever .

So I said when you call Sam, tell him I have met you and very happy and suggest you work at 5 star and its up to you to talk to each other, by the way if you do work there, please keep the name Anita so if I see your name on the roster I know it's you.

BTW they have very good camera in the shop so you can check before meeting clients in case anyone you know you don't have to go out. Oh that's good I am scare I may see people I know that why I sometimes takes a few days off any come to Canberra to make some money, hope to see you in Sydney!!

Then I made my way out, and the Mamasan Angie had changed to yet another clothe, this time a yellow top look like a pjamer. And she was in the office so I walked in there and ask if she has a card, she said no, I said can I have your number I like to recommend your shop to my friends (that's you guys ......lol). So Angie wrote the shop number down :

Angie and Anita @ Bamboo House
G/F 77 Gladestone Street Fyshwick
Canberra 0449-266-173

And she gave me a kiss and a big hug before walk me to my car.

I have no doubt if I would have seen Angie as well or instead , she would have given me great service.

As we walk out, she touched my softy softy cock over my pants and said I can wake him up and you can fuck me too (no kidding she absolutely said that) I said I don't think I can do it again, she said don't worry, if you can't I don't charge you. Gee she really is something special , perhaps I should have stayed and took up her offer. But I thought with my current form I better not embarass myself, next time I will cum back and fuck her mouth, fuck her tits and fuck her pussy, I sort of promised myself that as I started my car!!

There you go, if any brother are heading out to Canberra and you don't mind a very sexy and sensual MILF with big tits, you should check out Angie and with a bit of luck may be Anita, otherwise the Korean shop upstairs will have some young hotties too, I will say they are Golden Flower standard but all covered - there is a sign in the waiting room: no condom no sex!

I really hope Anita will call Sam at 5 Star, her body shape is similar to the Singapore Indian girl Rita but much bigger and nicer tits and overall body and Rita was pretty hot in my book.

There you go, let's hope

Good night everyone, bloodly hell, another 3 hr report!! All on my iPhone too!!




06-05-2013, 03:49 PM
Wow! What a detailed report! Love it! Sounds like you had a lot of fun there!

You have a wide and varied range of tastes!

12-05-2013, 04:12 AM
Oh Canberra. Memories.

Enjoyed the Top Report.

Sounds like it might be worth the nightmare that is Canberra.
I know what it's like going to a rental manual. IF you don't drive one often. I do but for some reason them little Hyundais die on me.

But every time I visit ACT. I used specialised local escorts. Must try a FS place once down there

08-10-2013, 10:04 PM
For some reason in Canberra I found the quality of private girls was much better than shop girls and there's a fair few of them advertising.

07-02-2014, 11:02 AM
many thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds as if great fun was had by all and there was more there for the asking (or rather paying!).

Also appreciate the photos but note that you took a few more. If you would care to share them I'm sure they would be most appreciated by us connoisseurs. :thirst:

thanks again

Anita 38 DD Cups from 77 Bamboo House Canberra

" I thought I better take the photo first before she changed her mind so I took out my phone and said lets take some photo on you big boobs.

Ok boobs only no face, I said don't worry I will show you, and she was going to take the dress off, I said your dress is so sexy lets take one with it, so I did and Anita wanted to check the photo, then I took one with the whole body, then she took the red fishnet off and I shot one with the black bra, then eventually the bra off and one on the naked breasts, very nice indeed!!"



27-03-2018, 09:31 PM
Exc report ... nice pics

22-04-2018, 07:39 PM
So sad to know that this AR was posted in 2013. I can see this shop is still advertising on backpage (locanto instead now), but Anita and Angie probably not working there any more. Still considering to pay a visit tho, really got sick of fake private ads

15-06-2018, 07:29 PM
Anyone still travelling to or working living here to add to the conversation then,

03-05-2019, 10:03 AM
Canberra has some really good shops, Pretty girls the best.