View Full Version : Cindy@E25

14-08-2012, 10:43 PM
Just b4 midnight yesterday,
4 out of 5 shows, 1 hidden as she dont want dont meet yellow skin (privacy LOL)

Picked above person,
Service average
Cbj, catbath, not golden shower,

Was told she only 22yrs and I think she around 24
tattos (yes)
Long hair (light plum)
fake nose and eye.
breast not bad (real one and nice)
Bum (feel ok but when you look at it, it was not that good..
tight pussy
very long leg
Soft skin
friendly and know how to tease.
fake moan and she quite enjoy it (high deserved for sex I think)
She is get ready for some bro to take some hard-cord action:startle: