View Full Version : Abby @ Pleasure Planet Jan 2013 and May 2013

12-05-2013, 09:42 PM
Captivated by a sensual Singaporean beauty

Had some free time so I decided I'd try my usual spot My Alibi, It was about 11 am, met at the door by a young Mamasan not the usual one. Led into the intro room and one older Thai lady JoJo introduces her self, I wait, then Mamasan returns I ask is that all she is rather evasive but in the end tells me to come back in hour. I suspect that no one had yet turned up for work.

So into the car I hop I think well I'll go to Pleasure Planet and see if they open the door this time around. If no one takes my fancy I could return to My Alibi and try my luck.

I arrive and ring the door bell I have to wait for a bit but I'm finally let in, first impression average looking place.

Ushered into a real intro area and a regional display of beauties is sent out to great me. They had a couple of Singaporean ladies in the line up one in particular ticked my boxes.

I tell the Mamasan I have X, sorry forgot the name, the Mamasan pull a face and says are sure and the proceeds to sell me Abby. So I decided to run with the Mamsan recommendation as both ladies ticked my boxes. Pay for hour.

Abby returns wearing a rather dowdy brown cardigan that made her look so unsexy I didn't even recognize her as one of the ones I'd picked. Getting a little worried at this point.

Up into the room we head and she sheds the brown thing – it should be burnt its so ugly – and a very attractive size 6 young lady is revealed. We chat she starts to help me undress and gets the shower and room ready.

She quickly sheds her clothes and admire her tight perky body little prof is liking what he sees.
After some mutual light caressing and kissing Abby starts the shower running and motions for me to join her the shower.
I start to explore her body as Abby is giving me a rather sensual wash.

With a light kiss I hop out of the shower to dry while Abby finishes her wash. Abby tells me I'm her first for the day and she just returned to work after her period. I think she's try to tell me she keen to go.

Onto the bed Abby starts with some ball licking and when little prof is ready it's on with the condom for some nice BJ. This continues for a short while then she rolls me over on my tummy as she starts do some very nice things to my rear end – some light covered rimming I suspect. I'm not into this so its not long before she turns back over and returns little prof to full attention with some BJ.

Abby then gently lowers herself onto me and starts a nice slow sensual Cow Girl which allows me to play her soft boobs. We move from this in a spooning position and then into missionary all the times her moans getting all the more genuine some reverse Cow girl so I can a look at her lovely bottom ridding up and down on me.
This position does work to well so we move into 69. Abby a little hesitant he she says “you sure my period just finished” I say “not an issue.” We start and I can tell she not really interested as seems rather sensitive so we move on.

She changes the condom some more positions with some doggy thrown in for good measure.
We again find our selves in the spooning position Abby leans over a says “seven minutes to go I can do HJ if you” I reply “no I'm almost there”
As I look into her beautifully brown eyes and she into mine I feel the pressure beginning to build.
I cum with a deep shudder.

She cleans me up and we head off into the shower for another clean.

A couple of first he for the prof I'd never been to a place were the lady showers with you – could get used to this idea. Also the rear end play was new to me this I'm not sure I'd warm too.

I had a great time and she was fun I'd still like to try my first choice but certainly the Mamasan didn't sell me a bad one.
Abby had lovely silky smooth olive skin and her English while not perfect was quite understandable. Abby looks to be a natural A-B cup.

As a footnote I've seen Abby recently upon her return from Singapore with a new nose, I found her services even better - I only took the 1/2 option this time so she didn't join me in the shower. She also suggested a pillow under her back for some very nice sex a very good perfomer this one.
Will do a full review when I get a chance.