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29-06-2013, 04:16 PM

Joy is a curvy Latte coloured older Thai lady, and she gave me just what I needed tonight. We were both a little under Par so what we did was somewhere between a dry massage and loving sex.


This is an unconventional review. Not a lot of steamy sex in it really. If you need a review to read like a Porno film, just move on!

I'm going through a Thai phase, and and PRC phase, and a K-Girl phase, and an Indian phase, and a TS phase...

...so I headed to Purple Garden on a Friday hoping Jenny was staying a bit late. No such luck.

Apparently only Joy working tonight. The Mamasan tells me Joy used to*work*at PG ages ago, and is just getting back into it.

What I wanted tonight was to give an oily massage to a naked slim*Asian lady. I meet Joy again and can tell she is nice so it's a “Yes”.

To do this stuff at a R&T I would need to find a girl willing to get naked. I would need to buy a massage. I would need to haggle for fully nude. I would need to chip away at her reserve until she trusted me. Maybe she would give me a HJ or BJ before I went home. I would probably have to also buy the HJ or BJ, or maybe pay to extend the session to cover the extra time for these.

To be honest, seeing an attractive WL, getting her naked in the first five minutes and then doing a combination of touchy-feely cuddling, followed by some calm relaxed penetrative sex. Well it is just the smartest thing for everybody concerned IMO. Legal too as if that makes any kind of a difference these days?

Joy has a very curvy femme figure. She is a little bit of a MILF but most Aussie woman would love to look as good naked. We nude up and I find Joy has a little bit of tummy, and a Tattoo covering some bub scars. She has boobs appropriate for her vintage, but they are perfectly fine if you are easygoing, and remember women don't look like teen schoolgirls forever. Her boobs have huge dark nipples, and so I ensure they are in my mouth fairly soon. Her hair is dark and medium length, so overall she looks more Chinese-Thai instead of Thai-Thai.

I lay on the bed and watch her undress. She has a little head-cold and asks “Are you scared of me”?

“Scared why”?

“Scared you will get my cold”

“Don't worry. We won't kiss so I may be lucky! I'm feeling gentle today so you won't need to work very hard” smile.

Nice warm smile in return. Fairly cute when she smiles, a little bit like a pixie, with her ears poking out of her luxuriant mane of dark hair.

She lays beside me with her shoulder on the side of my chest. I cup her breast and place my head against the back of hers. We semi-spoon like this for a few minutes while she tickles me erect with her fingertips.

“We can have slow sex straight away if that's ok with you”?

Laugh. “You are a VERY horny man”

Condom on, she offers to suck me but I don't need it. I slip into her from the kneeling position. Joy holds me well in the lovers embrace, and I begin running my hands along her silky Asian Latte coloured body.

She ”gets me” pretty fast, and soon we simply hold hands while we just take a moment together.

She clearly has a gentle warm nature. I go back to massaging her body and she hooks her legs up on my shoulders. No thrusting from me at all. Just being joined together and sharing a space is nice.

Joy starts to wriggle around on my pole. I can see the clock so I say “don't worry, we have time”.

More light friendly talk, and we slowly touch each others bodies wherever we can reach without effort.

As I relax my lust grows and grows, and my cock begins to throb inside her with painful thuds. I can feel the band of plastic from the hat constricting me.

I tilt forward into mish so Joy can reach my chest. She goes straight to my nipples and I encourage her more. I could finish from here pretty soon.

My lust has overcome my lazy-lover urges and so we swap to cowgirl. Joy is pretty good at cowgirl and she says “I am the boss now”. I was pretty happy about this whole part. I let her see and hear my pleasure and she picks up the pace and dominates me for a while. I could finish fairly soon so I swap us to doggie.

Doggie is not so hot initially. Joy lets her hair flop down around her face and I can't see her nice face in the huge mirror. I gentle bundle her hair up and she fucks back against my cock from doggie while I stay fairly immobile. I'm pretty happy about this part as well, and could finish soon, so I swap us back to mish.

I cum in her. I'm very relaxed and calm in every way except for my cock, which feels like it's about five kilograms of Beef and a seriously fearsome weapon. Joy takes my lusty load and smiles at me warmly. I feel very naked and vulnerable in her eyes as my body gives way to hers.

Clean-up. More calm chit chat. I sit beside her and continue to run my hands on her skin until we are out of time.

I want to stay. We talk about a massage if I extend. She says she has been trained in Thai massage and does “hard massage”. Joy works by shoulders to try to prove it. Still not sure about that bit, but she does have some proper strength in her hands. Anyhoo

No kissing allowed so I put my hands on her hips at the door, and off into the night I go.

Naked fun.

WIR - sure
PROS – Warm heart and curvy Thai lady
CONS – A few miles on the clock. Had a little head-cold. Pecking kissing on corners of the mouth only.*