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Pop princess rubs my tummy


Very horny for the last few days and so I needed as much youthful Asian beauty as I could afford. Judy from the Rose warmly loved the sperm right out of my body, and sends me home feeling handsome and young.


Firstly thanks to another punter for putting Judy on my radar.

If I meet a WL someone else has reviewed, I tend to just add a sentence or two at the bottom of their review. Wicked and I seem to be fairly different from one and other, and it seems I had a vastly different kind of bonk with Judy. For this reason, I will write her up as a full review. Note: I am not competing with Wicked. This review will be mostly about Judy and The Rose, not so much about me or Wicked.

I arrive at The Rose about 01:30 pm on a Thursday and Apple meets me at reception. There is a guy waiting there already and she takes me to one of the little glass cubicles around the corner from the main area. I'm pretty keen on Apple, but I have trained all the ladies that I need to meet everyone before I choose. Apple gets them started on the intros. Meet five ladies and the stand-outs are:

Sakura (I think) – very slim young Japanesy hottie. Pretty face with immaculate make-up and hair. Red flag: could be a precious princess.

Judy – small slim Asian beauty with big boobs. Seems a little bit kinky/spicy/dangerous.

Apple – I wish she was my girlfriend. Apple has known my real name for over half a year and I have invited her for coffee several times. Also I have been in the habit of giving her sensual oily massages after the sex. She still always calls me “Baby” and “Darling” though, and I find this a bit hard to take. I guess there is no fool like an old fool...

I tell the last lady, Apple, that I would like to see Judy today, and I watch her face very carefully for a reaction. She is the consummate professional about it.

I wait in the corridor for Judy and she emerges from the back still in her dressing gown. Her face is truly young and beautiful. She sees me watching for her at the other end of the corridor, and then she runs up to me and throws herself into my arms. We hug and kiss. Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me! I have never had such a beautiful young woman run towards me for any reason. Usually they are too busy calling the Police or running in the opposite direction.


Judy takes off the dressing gown and my IQ drops fifty points. Very slim Korean (half Japanese) beauty. Some might say she has a skinny or boney body. Today she has just the perfect figure I need in a sex partner, and her nakedness alone is working it's powerful spell on me.

We talk a bit and start to lightly kiss. She's a smoker and stops kissing me and apologises for “the taste”. I say I don't mind, but the truth is, I do mind, but I was enjoying the kissing and want more of it.

Judy has enhanced breasts and they are probably a little large for her very small body. I quite like Anime, and Judy could dress in spandex and do a bit of Cosplay with ease. Her English is ok, and she tells me she has been at The Rose for three months.

She gives me a cat bath with plenty of strong nipple sucking. She tells me she won't lick my balls because there is too much hair. I'm a little ashamed to admit it but she's right.

She suits me up and gives me an average CBJ. She is not doing a bad job but her mouth is a bit small and there is no eye contact. I have a good view of the top of her head, and I am getting bitten a bit too regularly.

I ask for sex straight away and say that she is very beautiful (true) and that I need to see her more. She smiles, lubes herself up and lays back.

I kneel between her legs and slip in slowly right up to the the hilt. I do my sore back kung-fu, where I just kneel there, inside her, while I play with her breasts, legs and tummy.

She mainly has her eyes closed, but she is gently squirming her puss around on my mutton dagger. She hooks her heels behind my back and pulls her puss more onto my beef bayonet. I'm feeling overheated with so much Asian beauty concentrated in one place.

She opens her eyes and smiles at me. She reaches up for my arms and pulls me down for missionary. She is really too small for this. I could squash her flat if I am not careful. I support most of my weight on my arms and and we Eskimo kiss. She wraps her arms around me and hooks her heels on my back. She clings to me like this for a few minutes. Very GFE! Her eyes are closed while we kiss and cuddle, but it's very warm and loving.

My arms are tiring so I go back to kneeling between her legs. I start to slowly slide in and out building myself up. She gives me a very effective nipple massage.

She starts playing with my furry Christmas belly. She grabs me firmly by a roll of tummy fat and pulls her puss more tightly onto my peerless pestle. WTF! Never had my tummy fat incorporated into lovemaking before...

She says “I like this! Very soft. I don't like skinny men.”

“your kidding right”? (my bullshit detector is cranked to the maximum setting)

“No it's good, I like it” (no signs of taking the piss. Strange lady!)

I go back to building-up with long steady thrusts. I raise myself on my arms like a push-up. Our only points of contact are my turtle-head deep inside her, and her fingers on my nipples. A few more strokes and I cum strongly.

Judy hooks her sharp little forearm around the back of my neck and pulls me down onto her for full missionary. I continue to shoot my swimmers deep inside her. She hooks her heels on my bum again and wraps both her arms around my neck.

After my last pulse I start to raise myself off her and she says “No!” and stays clinging to me with both arms and feet. I rest my nose against her neck and appreciate the moment.

After a little while I go soft, and that's when she lets go of my neck. I raise myself and withdraw from her holding the condom. She cleans us both up.

A bit of harmless chat. We shower, kiss, she walks me out. I head for home feeling several years younger and more handsome.

WIR – for sure
PROS – A youthful Asian beauty. She could have done a lot less in the room and still had power over me. Instead she girl-friended me in a lovely way.
CONS – I don't really know what the rest of her sex technique is like, since I did not give her much room to manoeuvre. She seems fairly new, so I suspect in a longer session she may not have many other things to try. This is a total guess though.

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