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01-01-2013, 02:40 PM
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I have had a few days off and I was doing family stuff in the countryside miles from any sex. Back to work tomorrow, and I had a strong urge to see a hot slim Asian lady naked before that happened.

I'm a little kinky so I was thinking that giving a sensual oily massage to my favourite R&T girl would be just the ticket. If she gave me a BJ before during or after the massage - well, I wouldn't fight her off exactly...

Make the R&T appointment, get stuck in rush hour traffic, cancel the appointment. Dammit!

I'm heading south along Dandenong Road so I figure I can get to Huntingdale pretty easily. My urge to merge is firming-up rapidly, so I skip the various R&T options and head straight to OO.

The door is opened my a tiny Asian lady with pale skin and a Japanese looking face and hairdo. At first glance I think it is the OO Apple, but once in the introduction room I find I am meeting a new OO girl called Yuko. Yuko is about five foot and a size eight. She later tells me she has to buy children's wear because none of the Aussie adult clothing sizes fit. Her size is the only teen-like thing about this cute little woman though.

She measures me pretty well, asks me a few questions in her excellent English, reads my mind a bit more, and then closes the trap upon me. Within the first minute or so she is now clearly the boss of me. I will be booking her, the details may vary, but I will be booking her.

Yuko leans in close, grabs me by my cock and starts gently squeezing. While squeezing she whispers directly in my ear, and offers me BJ, for me to lick on her pussy, anal, massage, deep kissing - whatever I want.

There are some rat bags at OO so I say “how much time can we have for the anal?”

“How much do you want?”

“Maybe half the time...”

“Oh ho - can you do it for that long?” she grins.

Plenty of sizzle going on here. Yayness! A ready and willing partner for anal. Yay! The only question still remaining: “is she as capable at anal as she thinks she is?”

“Is there any extra charge for the anal?”

“No!!!”, cheeky grin, gentle smack on my tummy as if I asked a very stupid question.

“Ok, lets go”


In the room she returns as I am drying off. She glides up to me and we deeply kiss for a minute or so. Plenty of tongue. Very warm cute lady. She is very very small compared to me and she needs tip-toes to reach up to me, and I need to bend down to hug and kiss her.

We move to the bed, she kneels next to me and a very skilled sloppy oral begins. She is good at this and I am a happy man. I gently finger her Jemima and then move to her bum. No flinching, no funny faces, no trying to escape. Her sucking continues steadily. It is now the right time for some ***Anal Sex***.

She suits me up and expertly lubes the condom and her own bum. She has done this many times before. I recognise practised skill when I see it.

She reminds me to be gentle and I slip into her from doggie. She is very relaxed and snug. I'm a bit shocked at how soft her bum is. Yuko is a very small person and she just let me all the way in using a single long smooth thrust. I slowly and gently thrust in and out, enjoying the ease and totally hassle-free vibe. The last time I had such an accommodating partner for anal it was with a much bigger person (TS Dolly) truth be told.

Yuko and I are in the OO room nearest the front door, the one that has the mirror tiles on the wall at the head of the bed. I try to see her face properly in the mirror and the patchwork mirror tiles are spoiling it for me.

We swap to her laying on her back with her legs drawn up. I kneel between her legs and enter her again ( more carefully this time, at her request). She takes all of me to the hilt with a sunny smile on her pretty little face. What a trooper! Yuko is smooth and snug around my throbbing cock but not painfully tight. Usually giving anal hurts me too much for me to finish very easily. That will not be a problem today with Yuko.

I take my time, ever so gently building up my lust using Yukos buttery little arsehole. I look straight down and can clearly see her pussy lips, just like a rose. I lean back a little more and I can see what looks just like a veined babys' arm thrusting directly into her arse. She is a very small lady, and she makes my male member look gigantic as he slips in and out or her.

To me anal is a much more intimate and mutually trusting kind of thing, and I am loving every bit of it. I can tell she respects my gentle approach. Sure she can take all of me in, but having me put it in respectfully is appreciated.

She favours me with a beautiful warm smile, and at that very moment I make a large deposit. I throb for what seems like years, piling more and more of my sperm into her arse.

After my last orgasmic throb, she is pretty keen to evict me. She is practised at this, and hundreds of scented tissues and wet wipes begin to appear. They clean the condom, her bum, my willy, our hands etc. A little waste-bin next to the bed is rapidly filled with tissues, the lid closed, and then it is pushed away from the bed. Expert. A true professional.

We have a bit of harmless chat. She is keen to massage my back. She is such a little cutie that I am keen to massage her, so I can visually drink in more of her tiny sweetness. She lays on her back and I run my hands smoothly up and down her little body. She has some small floral tattoos covering the scars where her implants went in.

She seems bored with this and insists that she massage me now. I lay on my tummy and she gives me a firm baby-oil massage along my spine and buttocks for five minutes or so, and then the buzzer goes.

We shower, DFK and then cuddle at the door. I am off and away into the early evening.

Yuko usually works Thurs, Friday and Saturday till 1:00am at OO. I only caught her today (Wed) because she was filling-in for a sick girl. She says she has only been there for three weeks.

Warning: Yuko told me at the end that she does not always do anal for punters so YMMV.

WIR – for sure.
PROs – the most willing and able female partner for anal I have ever had. Cute little lady. Nothing child-like about her personality, although she definitely has a junior high school-girl figure.
CON's – I usually prefer the ladies I schtupp to be taller, more womanly and curvy. Yuko is definitely an adult though i.e. she does not play on her very small size, which would leave you feeling like a dirty old man.*many other things to try. This is a total guess though.