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This review is pretty light on sex but I believe that's ok from time to time. If you need to read lots of “I did this to her with my huge ---” with lots more “and then I tied her up and got the spoon” followed by “I was the best shag she ever had and she begged me to DATY for another hour”... Go read a different review.

Catherine is a slim, pretty and young WL working at OO and I have had the pleasure of her company on several occasions. Catherine works Friday night and all day Saturday at OO, so our paths do not cross often. In fact, I have not seen her for about six months all up. This is a different kind of Catherine review, so I will set the scene a little first.

On Friday evening, I was to go to dinner with friends in Box Hill. With a little time on my hands, I walked into a place nearby with a large blinking “Massage” sign in the window*
Asian girls in sexy clothes. Tick
Private rooms. Tick
Baby oil. Tick
Paper napkins in each room. Tick
Clean and fresh. Tick
An hour later I have been professionally massaged will a little teasing but NO RELIEF.

Dinner with friends. There are some young and pretty PRC Uni types in our group constantly playing their iPhones and giggling instead of talking to us. I must have been staring because one of the older ones gives me a sly look and says “you like Asian girls eh?” I am getting used the the sometimes very direct conversation from Asians, and I simply say “yes” with a smile. This lady then grabs the other girls tells them about me and roars with laughter. They look and me and roar with laughter as well. Well this is going well... I take my passive/aggressive revenge and mentally undress each of them one by one and have very hard-sex. The small one with the glasses has a strong kinky streak and just loves what I can do with Alphabet-Spaggetti.

After dinner I drive back the the south east for some sleep. All that mentally undressing has created a problem though. I need to *fuck*! I head for The Rose. Risky I know, as this place can be a roll of the dice.

Arrive at The Rose around 10:30pm. Four girls intro. Pretty underwhelming group of waifs and strays to be honest.

Head off to OO as I have had some good times there. OO can time-cheat though so mixed feelings about this decision. Note that I have never had a time problem at OO when it is quiet. Car park empty. Maybe tonight is my night... A new Indian Papasan opens the door and puts me in the ratty closet they use for intro. First girl approaching, click-clack,click-clack. Its Catherine - yayness! I'm saved. The lovely Catherine with ease me of my burden very nicely. She recognises me (good start) smiles naturally (better) and leads me to the room.

In the room ,I pay and then jump in the shower. Catherine likes to make sure you are nice and clean so I begin to worry when she does not re-appear for a while. I can't stay here all night so I finish and dry off. A while later Catherine re-appears carrying a huge stack of towels. For those that have not met Catherine she is probably a bit OCD about hygiene – in a cute way. She apologises for being so long, but said she had to eat something, and that I would not lose any time. I trust her, totally. Catherine has been overtime with me before, and I know for sure her word is good.

One funny thing, Catherine is now wearing one of the worst Nana-dressing gowns I have ever seen. It comes with a matching pair of really daggy looking fluffy slippers. This really is an actual girl-friend experience for many of us - and I have to smile lols. She puts the towels down, whips off the dressing gown and the sight of her slim, buxom (for a Korean WL) figure has me all very serious again. She wants me to shower again (I knew this would happen) but she always helps and its all part of the fun.

She gives me the usual routine: hot water BJ, cow-girl, doggie, mish, my finish, some friendly chat, quick kiss at the door, and then gone. WAIT A MOMENT!!! No she doesn't!!! Something is different today.

She is asking me about my day, and she is asking more questions after I gave my answers. She is laying next to me, with her perfect face inches away from mine just chatting. Her body is laying half on mine and her free hand has grabbed my balls in her tiny little fist. I have to be careful, no sudden moves or she could hurt me with the nails. It's a really nice feeling though - intimate.

This is all going very well today. I mentally back-track to see what I have done right.
Be polite and respectful (given).
Be really pleased to see her (easy one)
Be patient and cheerful when she kept me waiting (also easy)
Hang up my towels after the shower (she has a little clean fetish remember)
Reminded her I like to kiss all the time, and that she should check if my chin is too rough
Tell her I think she is more beautiful with her hair down, so after the BJ can she please unpin it for me.

Anyhoo she begins the hot water BJ. For a little while I think I may be able to cum from it. Then some sex. I finish in mish and get a compliment about not crushing her.

The buzzer goes. She totally ignores it. It's as if they work for her not the other way around.

Then we cuddle, massage and talk for about twenty minutes. I stroke her lovely back and play with her long hair. This becomes a bit of a scalp massage. She purrs. I make jokes about her being my Cat and so on.

The buzzer goes again. I say how long do we have. She says don't worry about it. I continue the scalp massage and start to press on her lovely forehead and above the eyebrows with my palm.

The buzzer goes again. I ask if she will get in trouble. She says "A little, but don't worry about it".

Eventually, by mutual consent we hop in the shower, we kiss again at the door and off I go.

Paid $110 for thirty minutes, was probably really in there with a hot lovely sweetie for about 45mins. It may even have been longer than 45mins, Cat is definitely not a clock watcher.

WIR- have done several times, and will do again
PROS: everything
CONS: The Nanna-dressing gown is funny. C'mon guys, buy her a better one. She is worth it.*feeling like a dirty old man.*many other things to try. This is a total guess though.

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Nice review, thanks.
Is she K-girl, how old is she? Any description pls..:love:

01-01-2013, 10:06 PM
Katherine is Korean with excellent English. She is about 5'5 and slim. She has enhanced boobs although they are still medium sized. Very pretty face. Very good smile. She is popular at OO so it's smart to book.

02-01-2013, 12:38 AM
Katherine is Korean with excellent English. She is about 5'5 and slim. She has enhanced boobs although they are still medium sized. Very pretty face. Very good smile. She is popular at OO so it's smart to book.

Have not been there for some time.
Have they clean/fix up the showers?

02-01-2013, 12:56 AM
Tanx, any rec’dn for D+size booobs wl with a friendly smile too... cheers

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Blakes do you own or work there?

22-01-2013, 06:37 PM
Blakes do you own or work there?

No. Just a fanboy of the Sweet Catherine