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Service Provider's Name: Grace Godard
Session Month: June
Session Year: 2014
Type of Service: Private
Name of Agency or Parlour: Scarlet Blue
Establishment Address: Outcall
Phone Number: 0437982137
Website: http://gracegodard.com
Photos Authenticity: Yes
Advertised Hourly Rate: $500
Location where session took place: St Kilda
Session Day: Weekday
Session Time: Evening
Estimated Age: 22
Estimated Ethnic Group: Australian
Nationality (Leave blank if Australian):
Knowledge of English: Excellent
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Short
Eyes Colour: Hazel Green
Skin Colour: White
Height: Average - Around 165cm / 5'5"
Body Shape: Womanly
Estimated Body Size: 8-10
Estimated Breast Size: B to C
Enhanced breasts?: No
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Any Tattoos?: None
Any Piercings?: None
Full Sex Available: Yes
Kind of Experience: Anal Play Stimulation & Rimming – Mutual, Anal Sex on You - Strap On, Sex Toys Play, Foot Fetish, Tie & Tease, Multiple Rounds, Mutual Masturbation/ Masturbation Show, Dirty Talk, Teabagging, Deep Throat, Light Spanking, COB/COF/CIMWS.
Kissing Available: Yes.
Blowjob: Yes, rimming and BBBJCIM
DATY / Oral On Her: Yes
Greek or Anal Sex Available: Yes
Handjob Available: Yes
Massage Available: Yes
Extras Charged: No
Doubles and Group Sex: Yes
Overall Looks: Stunning
Overall Personality: Playful and fun
Overall Performance: Out of this world

I was to find myself in Melbourne for one night and decided to treat myself with a couple of hours of fun and frivolity with a local lass. I had come across a delightful profile on Scarlet Blue by the name of Grace Godard. Looking at her website her menu certainly ticked all my boxes so I sent her an email. Her reply was swift and positive. Two hours was agreed and details exchanged. I advised her I was interested in mutual rimming and GSpot stimulation on her and she seemed delighted to accommodate.

Playtime arrives and Grace arrives outside my hotel in a beige trench coat over a tight black dress. Grace is young, extremely pretty and greets me with a smile and a soft kiss on the lips.

Good start!

We move inside and our lift takes us to our play pen.

We had discussed toys and she was bringing her favourite and I brought a suitcase of fun with me as well which included a Lelo GSpot vibrator, bullet vibrator, eight inch dildo, massage oil, anal beads, wet wipes, tissues, condoms, blindfold and a soft leather cat'n'nine tails whip. I was not sure how many of these we were going to utilise but it was going to be fun to find out!

After settling in, I gave her a small gift of Cacao chocolates from their Fitzroy Street shop. She seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative of the thought and broke the ice well. Soon small talk moved to a conversation about the ensuing interlude. Grace strips to show me a magnificent snow white, nubile body with black and pink lace lingerie and suspenders. She had me hard just looking at her.

I lay Grace on the bed, face down, and unclip her bra. The next few minutes was spent lightly kissing her from her earlobes to her wonderful derrière. I pull down her panties and suspenders and was greeted by a beautiful pussy and ass to savour for a few more minutes. Teasing her by circling my tongue on her inner thighs, pussy and bottom, Grace's breathing was getting a little erratic and she is raising her hips off the bed for better access for my tongue. Soon I am rimming her with loader moans of approval. I grab the bullet vibrator and run it along her pussy lips to her clitoris as I continue my rimming expedition. I could see her natural lubricant oozing as I ask her to turn over.

Grace's breasts are smallish and her nipples are puffy and pink which she loves to be fondled and licked. I parted her legs to see magnificent pouting labia minor. Large enough to suck into your mouth and gently tug while playing with her nipples. I use the bullet on her rectum while madly flicking her clit with my tongue and I sense she getting close to coming is ready for the next venture.

I slide two fingers, palm upwards and fingers curled, so I could massage her GSpot. It is very engorged and Grace's neck and shoulders are flushed. I ask her to hold her knees to her shoulders and I position myself above her to get maximum upward pressure on her GSpot.


Her pussy dilates and I can hear the moisture as I fuck her with my fingers. Grace does not squirt, but comes hard and I place the palm of my hand firmly onto her pussy as contractions continue to make her twitch a little. I grab a condom and enter her abruptly and this time her pupils dilate and she looks directly into my eyes and begs to be fucked hard.

I alternate with fingers and cock for ten minutes and lost count of her dilations and contractions but finally I am near and rip the condom off and come long and hard over her stomach much to the guttural delight of Grace as she frigged herself at the same time. Cleaning her up, she giggles that she was very pleased she had the time to meet up. I thought I had finished with the wet wipes and she told me I had missed a bit. Above her nipples near her nape. Holy Crap! I hadn't come that hard for a long time.

Showering and naked bed sitting conversation follows talking about travels, study, threesomes, foursomes ( I had my iPad and was showing her a few snaps of my trips overseas). We even spoke about arranging a threesome the next time we meet. I am thinking about Amelia Sweet as Grace loves women and would love to see squirting from GSpot stimulation.

So, I reflect on how many articles I have used from my suitcase. I need to crank it up a gear!

Grace tells me she loves to be teased to raise the level of anticipation. So, out comes the blindfold. She loves the idea and I lie her on her back on the bed. I get off the bed and stand there with the whip in my hand. She doesn't know where I am in the room as I move around to the other side of the bed and lightly brush her nipples with the soft leather strands. Grace immediately flinches with surprise and I continue to break contact and move to another part of her body. She is loving it!

The Lelo and oil come next as I move around her body until I get to her pussy again. Gentle strokes with the whip gives way to the buzzing of the vibrator and more appreciative sighs. The flat end of the Lelo enters her and Grace is moving her hips to the quickening pace. I buzz her GSpot and then insert my fingers again and the up and down motion fast and hard. Another sheath and I penetrate Grace again to similar reactions to last time.

While I am fucking her, the vibrator is on her man in a boat until I pull her up to ride me. I feel the sides of her pussy on my cock and then Grace bucks back and forth with me buried to the hilt. She is coming again with a sensual cum face, her mouth looking like she is trying to blow smoke rings. She's bending forward to see if she can see my cock sliding inside her.

A few positional changes including doggie and missionary continues the fun until I get a little tired. Grace then takes over. I could see in her eyes she was about to get "delikado"!

Grace genuinely wanted to give me pleasure. It was a dirty GFE with cock worship thrown in for good measure. Kissing, licking and stroking my cock, balls and arse. A liberal amount of spit on my penis and she trombones me furiously with her tongue and fingers caressing my perenium and arsehole. I am moaning will pleasure and squirming on the bed as she continues her onslaught. I was not sure who was enjoying it more, but I bet it was me!

As I was nearing orgasm she sensed the and quicker the use of her hand on my cock while fingering my arse and clenched my cock hard as I came. I shot another load but this time over her hands and arm.

I was spent.

We showered again and chatted before she had to leave.

Grace is an intelligent, sexual little minx who loves to please and be pleased.

Return factor? 100%!

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Thanks for the review of sexy Grace. She is definitely a must see when I am in Melbourne next time

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Thanks for the review of sexy Grace. She is definitely a must see when I am in Melbourne next time

I hear she maybe retiring soon.

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She is not in the web anymore but there is other great pic there
Wondering if they genuine

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$500? Farking hell!

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