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28-08-2014, 12:10 AM
Am currently in Melbourne on business. Had some spare time this evening so decided to check out 39 Tope st.

Called up and was told 12 WL on. Got there and was shown 4. 2 quite pretty and the other 2 were average in my opinion. Decided on I think 'Flora'.

However, as I was walking to the room I saw Barbi in the hallway and asked the shopkeeper if I could change at which he agreed. Barbi looked stunning, milky smooth skin. Awesome set of tits, tall and a great ass. Not to mention abit of box gap. Was quite pleased with my decision to visit this place.

Waited in the room and Barbi comes in. Her facial features can be best described as one of those K pop singers. Natural C cup tits. Shaved pussy. I was ready to rumble!

Pretty much once we got onto the festivities was when my dissapointment began. CBJ not BBBJ. For $140/30 min i would have expected BBBJ. In sydney this is what we get for that price (5*, top217 etc). I overlooked this and thought thats ok. Even with CBJ her techinique was good and the suction was strong.

I wanted to sample that nice clean shaved pussy but was denied. I was ok with that and respect that as not all WL like this. However, once again I thought at that price point it was fair game.

Onto the sex....

Started off with mish, I tried to suck/kiss her nipples but was denied. Was only allowed to touch! This part was best described as starfish. Probably about 5 min in she urges me to 'cum'. I normally go for most of the 30 min session. This was when the dreaded realisation sunk in that I had made the wrong move and was suckered in by her awesome looks. I had picked a typical K princess... So I asked her to turn around for doggy and pounded her until I came.

Overall not a very satisfying punt. It could have been a fantastic memorable punt if she loosened up abit. I mean I'm fit, ok looking and not demanding and treat the WL with respect. Have had some offer me their phone #. So overall if you want to bang a glamour who wont respond or allow you to do much then by all means Barbi is your girl

Face 8.5/10
Body 9/10 (C cup natural, shaved pussy, tall, nice round ass)
Service 2/10 (she laid there)
BJ 7/10 (even though CBJ, was still good. Could only imagine what a BBBJ would have been like)
Sex 2/10 (could have had a bat and saved myself $140)
Return factor: 2/10 (only if I wanted to relieve some stress on a hot girl with no expectations of a good punt)

Overall the shop looked like they had some nice girls in the line up. Hopefully the other ones offer much better service. If you guys could shoot some recommendations might give it another go tomorrow or next week when I back in town.


31-08-2014, 10:36 AM
Thanks for the review mate. Tope street girls are very hit or miss these days. Barbie has a reputation for poor service despite being a hottie.

24-09-2015, 06:59 PM
Will be in Melbourne soon, thanks for the warning

15-01-2016, 01:11 PM
Thanks for sharing