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13-08-2015, 06:01 PM
Hey fellow punters!

Thought I would post a review of my visit here on Tuesday night.

It was a frustrating evening. I had read reviews on various brothels in Melbourne and decided whilst I was here for a short stay to try my luck with a private girl. Anyway, Tuesday nigjt comes along and the 4 of them I had tried to tee up were all inavailable on the evening! FFS. I tried calling another one, she wanted 300/hr plus 50 for this and 80 for that........ah well. I thought at least at the Colloseum I will get something half decent based on the reports I have seen. For $250/hr it will do.

So I rock up about 11pm, dimly lit street but no mistaking what this place was. Walked in, older gentleman at the counter. Asked if I could come in and take a look. 'No problem sir', the door was unlocked by another guy of similar appearance. He ushered me into a waiting room on the right.

After a short while, girls started coming in and introducing themselves, all of them quite reasonable for my taste (including what I discovered later to be a post op lady boy!). The fifth girl com in. 'Hi, my name is Rosie' as she shook my hand and cheekily scratched my palm with her finger. 'I will show you good time'. Rosie will do. She said she was from Vietnam. That was the closer. Hadn't been with a viet girl before.

I pay up to the guy behind that counter, get moved into another larger waitin room and Rosie comes and gets me. We go upstairs to quite a large room with a TV, massage table, huge bed and a shower with two shower heads......those big ones. Nice room.

Into the shower and Rosie left the room. I finished just as she come back in, looked at mybits and said my pubes were too long and she wanted to trim them and left the room again to get scissors and razor. She comes back and I say no.....all good. She takes her clothes off and puts on a fake tattoo, I think she said she was covering up a scar. Whatever. As she was showing me this I thought I would bend down and have a crack at eating out her pussy. Alas, not allowed. Things aren't going as I would like.

We move onto the bed and we kiss and cuddle a bit and she moves slowly down giving me a bit of a catbath then produces a condom for CBJ. Nice. She doesnt go too deep. She takes a breath to offer bbbj for $50 extra......I decline. She does this for a while then moves up on top of me giving a nice bodyslide. She then starts talking pretty slutty, lubes up and before ii know it we are in a face on side straddle position and I am inside her. We have some nice kissing on lips, neck etc. First real chance I get to touch Her b+ maybe C cups. I think they are enhanced but they are nice.

I wanted to go deep so I move her on her back and into mish with her legs up a little. She is really starting to get into it. We dont go for too long maybe a couple of minutes and I blow my huge load deep inside her.....

She suggest massage and I decline. We spent the rest of the session cuddlimg and kissing and her stroking my cock....she was keen for round 2 but little Raybo wasnt feeling it, despite having a kamagra jelly an hour before aarriving......oh well.

Rosie was a little strange but nice enough. I would probably go back again cinsidering all the fucking around I did with the PLs and not getting anywhere. At least I know if I turn up there horny I will get what is needed. Not a standout by any means, but good enough.

Cheers and happy punting!

15-08-2015, 06:49 PM
I have never been asked to trim my pubes before, lol. That's a little out there. Having said that, I wax now anyway, but still I wonder how the WL would feel if a dude rocked up and wanted her to trim her pubes before getting into it.

19-08-2015, 05:12 PM
Was a little strange indeed. Our first few minutes of conversation were around her recently leaving her lazy, overweight husband. She was down from Sydney.

21-08-2015, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the review brother Raybo, especially for Melbourne as the forum is so dead down here !!

I was in Melbourne for a week too recently but I had my lovely Mrs with me so no punt at all, plenty of home made sex though ! No complain from me !

Won a few hundreds at Crown too, so paid for a few nice dinners !