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26-12-2016, 06:09 PM
If anyone is familiar with Melbourne you probably are aware of the factory outlets in Bridge Road. A perfect place to ditch the missus while i go on the hunt. in previous trips i've headed down to Swan St and hit the awesome Club Striptease (allows you to get naked and jiggy with the stripper). This trip however, i decided to find a massage shop. lo & behold a shitload within a few mins of the shops. i chose one that held a lot of promise, Empire Spa and Sauna. True to their name there was a spa and sauna insiide. I opted for a one hour massage with a 15 min sauna for $80. I was led to the sauna as the preamble to the massage. Sadly i couldn't convince the ML to join me. it was only a little sauna, barely fitted me in there, lol. after that a quick shower & off to the massage room. The ML was a fucking cute little Asian chick. her massage was truly divine. She really worked into my sore muscles, including a great massage of my calves (whcih i needed after being dragged through Vic Markets & Bridge Road by the missus earlier in the day). Enough tackle tickle to get me aroused before the flip. on the flip the TT really stepped up with her massaging my balls while doing my thighs. i asked for extras and dropped $40 on her for one of the best handjobs i've had in a long time. showered again and then back out to battle the shoppers. great VFM compared to Bodyline even though it didn't include a bodyslide or her getting nude. the HJ and massage were sublime. Empire would be my go to if i lived there and i will be back next time in Melbourne. their website is http://theempirespa.com.au. Phone #: (03) 99436561.

18-01-2017, 11:05 PM
Thanks for the update !

06-02-2017, 01:17 PM
Was there more than one choice of ladies?