View Full Version : First adventure at Ji Li in West Footscray

13-02-2013, 10:07 PM
Had a 45 min punt at Ji Li during the middle of the week recently. Choose bubbly and rather stunning k-girl (name eludes me sorry).
For a first time punter, it was a great pick. I was her last for the night but she was in good spirits and kept things friendly.
The fun started with a bit of nipple sucking and then promptly moved to a CBJ (although I didn't realise I was covered until I looked. Nice trick!). BJ was good!
After a bit, she straddled me and I let her work while I enjoyed. She prompted for a change of position and then we both got busy. Kind of lost track of time, and was keen for a massage, so decided to grind out a load. Afterwards she cleaned me up and made a joke about getting splashed with by goo.
Ended with a great back massage.
She's pretty funny, as when she asked were else I'd like to be massaged, I suggested my feet and she laughed, slapped my chest and said, "Silly! I not a real massage therapist you know!". We then had a fun chat and ended with a shower.
Once all done, she sent me on my way with a hug. Cute.
I left happy, relaxed and sure that I'd return.