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24-04-2018, 12:12 AM
Let me get this straight: this is going to be the horniest review ever !!!

Very happy to learn that NaNa has come to Melbourne, and since I was with her in Sydney before, I can be 10000% sure that she still the same horny devil queen that I used to know.

And she is !!!!

Open the door, she realizes me straight away and went right into DFK for like 5 mins. She was wearing a very sexy office uniform with high heels. After that, we went to the sofa in the living room and start to explore each other. Since I have taken a shower at home (I live 5 mins from her address) so there's no need for us to take another shower. Anyway, more DFK and DFK and DFK, then onto the bed, I start to suck on those pink sexy nipples....Oh lord they were beautiful, and NaNa moans really loud with a sexy tone of voice and makes my lil brother become super hard...stone-like-HARD !!! She keeps begging for more and more, that's when i start to work with my magic fingers in the down under...

For fuck's sake !!! She cums not once, not twice, but three times before we even start on the main act. As i was fingering her pussy, I start to use my tongue as well and good lord almighty, she just keeps on moaning and begging for more as her body keeps on twitching and twisting and from her pussy came out this sweet sweet juice of horny-ness.

"Honey, more more more, please, oh my god....!!!"

Yep, that's how she was moaning and begging for more...

We start to strip each other down and on to the BJ she goes....lord helps me with those eyes, the way she looks at me while giving my brother a good time down there.... I have to ask her to stop since I know I was about to cum. God, that tongue of her....she surely knows how to use it properly...On with the condom and suddenly she asked me "Honey, do you want to fuck me in the bathroom?"

"Oh yes please !!! "

NaNa took my hand into the bathroom, with dim pink light she turn her bum towards me and ... action! I shit you not, I have never heard any lady moan like her, every sound she makes just keep me going for longer and longer....until I made her cum in the middle of the action as her knee just crumble and i can feel her pussy just had a different reaction with my D. After a short while I have to give in and cum as well. The one detail I love about NaNa is that after she remove the condom she would just continue to suck on my brother to clean it.....I never felt so good ....

Usually I would rest for a bit before went to a second round, but no, I asked NaNa if she could change into the Nurse uniform and she very happy to do so. If she already look stunning in the office uniform, then she just turn into a true goddess in this nurse outfit. DATY to start the second round and I make her cum twice, one with my mouth and one with my finger. Another short BJ and then onto the main act. Missionary on the way as I pound her as hard as I could. We turn into doggy and I soon realized this was her favorite position, as she turn herself towards the direction of the mirror so we can see each other reflections. The way she looks at the mirror with her face as she was being hit hard from behind just makes me become more horny and keep the action going.

After another 10mins we decided to move out of the bed and do a standing doggy next to the chair right beside the bed. Amazingly, somehow we managed to cum together at the same time. I guess that''s what heaven must feel like ....

As we finish, head into the shower and she gave me a good rub down, some cheeky little stroke on my brother.....(god why NaNa, you want me to fuck you in this shower now ? ) Anyway, as I was putting my clothes back on, NaNa come out and gave me some chocolate and a bottle of green tea to take home, how cute was that....

Really wish Dreamgirls could bring other girls to Melbourne and set up a service in the city because all of their girls are amazing in their own ways, but NaNa is still the true queen.

24-04-2018, 03:03 PM
Wow ! Very juicy report ! ;) ;) ;)

25-04-2018, 02:45 PM
Wow ! Very juicy report ! ;) ;) ;)

Too bad she is in Sydney now, I am so sad the past few days....

26-05-2018, 02:49 AM
Nana is on today , book early to avoid disappointment:)


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09-06-2018, 12:08 AM
She look very attractive and hot, think I need to try her out

04-07-2018, 12:13 AM
Is NaNa still around now?

04-07-2018, 12:36 AM
She has gone back to Korea, as for Dreamgirls service, they won't be operating in Melbourne for long time to come, since they did not get enough support from the community. I mean what a pity, since no one in Melbourne actually use forum aus 99

09-07-2018, 04:39 PM
Damn what a nice long reviw