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30-04-2018, 12:51 AM
So I am flew over to the wild west for holiday, unlike NSW, FS shops are not legal and with Cracker/Backpage gone, I resorted to taking a punt on sites like beautifulcompanions and locanto. I was expecting to walk out at least 50% of the time, but I never did, I was pretty happy... hoping to share some intel in exchange for more info on local scene. Really why can't we have a WA roster page here...

Girl # 1 Mimi, not my normal cup of tea but she has that cute chick next door feel to her and haven't tried one short hair for a while (ok ok except for Kristen @ N5M in syd 3 weeks ago).


The 'shop' is a house in Como, so lets just assume it is just her and perfectly legal (the reply sms on another number plus the girl moaning next door is suspect but hey I am not asking). enough parking for a few cars and all walled in so no walk of shame. The bed room has no shower so you have to walk down the hall way before and after, which is shit....

Hotness 6-7/10 not hot but far from ugly, her little body is solid tho, a tiny pock rocket. Shaved BTW
Personality: not sure... wasn't bitchy or something but English was limited so can't tell, but if responded to most "hand signals"
Profile pic, yeah that's her, no questions ask
English, basic, doesn't understand enough to have a decent chat but not too bad
Rate 170/hr
Service: normal stuff like cat bath, massage, CBJ, ball sucking AND she licked my ass without my asking.... felt pretty good but I didn't want her lips to touch my other body parts afterwards ( yes I did wash my ass but still feels a bit strange). BBBJ was offered but I declined, not sure if it costs extra, she just asked if I wanted it with or without the dom.
CBJ was good and sucks hard, plus she played with it a lot so it was a turn on.
Sex was good, tried many positions and she rode me reasonably hard, turned her over and tried many positions and she is pretty responsive, not star fishy.
Massage afterward was shit, I couldn't feel any force being applied but I could feel she tried. Offered me another go but I declined, not enough time.


Girl # 2 & 4
Called 370 massage and asked for ashley, made a booking


Rocked up, no Ashley but was offered a girl with a pretty face but less skinny body ( I like skinny, not a fan of very big boobs, so she could be hot for others).
Rate: 120/30 but I paid 150/40, wasn't on the price list but was offered to me (I had 3 x 50 notes)
Face: 7/10
Body 6/10 ( as stated before)
Tat: one below the belly
Personality: 7-8/10
English: decent
Massage: great, worked me hard enough.
BJ: asked me if I want the dom off, I declined, not sure if it is free or what but I just don't do BBBJ anymore
Sex: when she is on top, she squeezed me tight and I almost blew the load early sort of star fishy when I am on top.
Shower in room on this visit
Recommended: Yes but wasn't happy that the shop screwed me with me booking, must be fake pic hey... nope, as I was walking out of the room, I saw a skinny hot girl walking out of another room, yes that was Ashley, so they did use real pic afterall, juts buggered up my bookings

Then less then 48 hours later, I drove past and decided to stop by and check out the girls. There were other 4 girls available (bloody hell, someone just picked Ashley before me, saw her walking past me with another client). the first 3 were so so, maybe 5-6/10 but the last one was 7-8/10, Korean gal name Ella ( or Ellen?)
Rate: 120/30 but I paid 150/40, wasn't on the price list but was offered to me (I had 3 x 50 notes)
Carpark: well away from the main shops in the complex and within meters to the door. On bell/lock so you walk straight in without waiting outside
Room: no shower in room this time... shit
Face 7-8/10
Body, 7-8/10 fairly tall, long legs, pretty fit, decent size boobs but not too big, shaved, no tat
English: very decent
Personality: 8/10
Massage: 3/10 it was shit but it was a FS
BJ: 6-7/10
Sex 8/10, rode me hard and very responsive when I was on top many position although politely refused to do it on the chair ( said it was very dirty, ok fair enough) TIGHT!

#3 Effie at IVYS
Okay so Ivy's website is down too, so no roster up these days, but here's her pic

Shares parking lot with a few businesses, so I would only go a night or Sundays....
Walked in with no booking, no line up but an ipad with lots of pics. a few Asians, a few Aussies, one African and then there was English Effie


Rate $150/30, I was asked to get a shower so long and was told that the clock would only start when the girl walked in, no ripping off here
Room was clean and has shower
Face: 9/10 OMG, red head with glasses, pretty nerd girl next door, so innocent looking... OMG!!!
Body: 9/10 this one is very subjective, tiny pocket rocket, lots of tat ( I LOVE INK) so that was sexy nipple rings too, angel face with devil's body........
Massage: 6/10 ( yes I got 5 min massage) decent effort
Personality: 9/10 decent chat, she is very soft spoken, almost feels she is shy...
English: well she is English......
BJ: no extras were offered but switched between soft gentle and very hard and deep and she kept looking at me with sexy eyes ( you could request her to keep glasses on if its your thing)..... I am having a boner as I type now..... then she leaned forward and whispered "would you like to fuck me now" it was so seductive....
Sex: was great, different positions and very responsive, the only down side was she gave a friendly reminder that I had 5 min left, was a bit of turn off (well would be worse of I didn't know and had to stop), so I hammered hard and she grabbed me and whispering that she would love me to cum inside her, okay, that did it, blew the load with 2 min to spare.
Will I go back? Yeahhhhhh!

Hope this helps the fellows punters, especially those who are not used to local gigs, Perth has improved lots during the past two years, I had to walk out of a few places with fake pics then..... And don't forget to share!

04-05-2018, 01:19 AM
Days after review and only 14 views, WA punters don't come to this site I guess.... So final and lazy as review... I saw Ashley tonight....

$130/30 min, $10 more than other girls at the shop
Face 9.5/10.... what a hottie, the prettiest girl I have seen in a WA shop
Body 7.5/10, slim but not the fit type (I like gym girls)
English 3/10,
Personality 4-9/10, doesn't feel she is full of shit but because of language barrier so I dunno
CBJ 7.5/10
Sex 8/10

So if I must pick only one ML (these are supposedly MLs who just decide to have sex with me legally) to go back to, would be a hard choice between Effie and Ashley.... Both are hot hot hot hotties, one costs 15% less and other speaks English well.....

24-10-2018, 12:14 AM
Thanks for the reviews mate. WA punters do check in this site =)

31-03-2019, 10:30 PM
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30-09-2020, 09:27 AM
Any good massage shops around perth CBD? Havent been successful