View Full Version : Chiko @ Oriental Orchids

15-02-2013, 08:40 AM
Had a valentines day punt at Oriental Orchids.
Met at door and ushered straight into a room by very cute k-girl named Chiko. I had assumed that I'd get to pick, but either she was the only one working at that time (it was pretty early), or that's just how they do it there. Anyway, she had me hooked so I went along.
She told me that she was new. Certainly her English suggested that she was new. When I agreed to spend an hour ($220), she got very excited and rushed out to get some towels while I showered.

The place...
Old and poorly maintained building and rooms. Although the lighting was kept dim, so I couldn't really gauge how bad it was. I suspect it was worse than what I noticed.

The lady...
She had long black hair, good sized chest and shaved down below. She was thin, but in a healthy kind of way (i.e. she had curves and was soft). She was very affectionate and was touching and grabbing from the very start. Her English was below average, but communication was not really a problem. Some of the phrases she said were great; "You make me so horny", "You want me to kiss you here?", "I like it best here.", "It feel so good. Don't stop".

To business...
We started slowly and to my delight, I discovered that kissing was ok. Progressed to DFK. Locations changed and nipples got involved. Locations changed again and we ended up BBJ 69. She wasn't shy in showing me where she wanted to be licked and soon she was expressing her enjoyment and begging me to continue. Continued.
A little later, plastic was applied and she mounted me. We changed positions after a bit, but she felt way too good and I didn't last long.
Afterwards, she invited me to lay on the bed in preparation for a message while she showered.
I was then treated to a non-oil massage that was pretty good (not amazing, but pretty good). It was kind of like an acupressure message where knees were driven into spots on my bum and thumbs were pushed into spots along the spine.
Shortly after starting the massage, the buzzer sounded. She ignored it though and continued.
The buzzer went off again a little while later and it was at around this time that we finished.
While I was showering, an angry sounding lady spoke over the intercom, which I presume was an order for her to hurry.
When I left, I noticed a guy in a waiting room being mostly obscured by the mama-san who ushered me out the door with a polite smile.

Lovely sensual and attentive lady. Well worth the time and money.