View Full Version : Trip to Melbourne fail

The dude
13-07-2018, 03:37 PM
I recently made a short and very rare trip to Melbourne. Fix the fucking weather.
I kinda know my way around the CBD. I was going to test my luck in a massage shop but I left it too late. I checked out locanto and fired off a few messages. I made contact, price was quoted, instructions were given, etc. A long story short - I got my mobile numbers and ads mixed up. I hadn't realised it at this point. Anyway, on foot and with Google maps, I made my way to Labtrobe St (I think number 30 - a big park by the looks across the intersection). I was staying near the casino so it ended up to be quite a long way to walk. It was getting close to 11pm and cold af. Found the place - knocked on the door, was confronted by big foot. I'm 6ft and she towered over me - a white girl. I thought i was going to an asian wl.

Jump forward 10 minutes, the whole experience wasn't working for me. She suggested change positions - I looked at her back from behind, it was broad. it struck me she could be a dude. I made an excuse that I wasn't feeling well (which i wasn't at the point!). We had a very quick chat and I studied her closely and concluded she was 100% female. I hit the street and returned to my room frozen and $250 worse off.