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23-11-2018, 11:38 AM
So visiting Melbourne for the weekend and thought I would venture out of the city. WL I see in Sydney said she works at Pussycats as BELLE in Melbourne and she is hot, so I thought I would check this place out.

During my $45 taxi ride to get there, checked out the website: http://www.pussycatsburwood.com.au and the girls look great, have all the right stats too.

On arrival, itís clearly a converted house in an industrial area. Lots of parking in a culdesac. Reminds me a bit of n5m in Sydney. But the house is probably in need of a good Reno.

Mamasan seems friendly and brought out about 6 girls. All pretty young, various shapes and sizes. I chose MEI as she seemed the skinniest. I like my skinnies...

She came into the room in a semi see-through black dress, you can make out her black bra and knickers underneath. She is slim to skinny all over which I like. Without the heels to accentuate her legs she is probably 160-165cm. I would guess 45kg. Darker skin all over. Reckon she has A-B cuppers... but hard to tell (youíll find out why). Her face is very Asian. Almond eyes and a sharp nose.

Got me to shower (alone) leaving me a pretty small cloth to dry myself... Onto the bed and she removed her panties (only) and started to cat-bath me. Not a bad technique. Very thorough. I only spent $120 so pretty sure wasnít going to get DFK, but her little tongue worked wonders on my balls and nipples.

She indicates more cash for BBBJ which I didnít have, so was content with CBJ. Again good technique. She is experienced for sure.
I fingered her pussy while she blew me and she felt pretty tight. Think she was getting into it a bit cos the moaning picked up.

Asked to fuck already and she just gets a bit of lube on herself and me and jumps on top. She still had her clothes on and I started to unzip her top while she bounced on me. But couldnít really get it off. Figured she must be shy about smaller boobs or something. But I was enjoying cowgirl position.

We switched to missionary and her dress hiked up and for a second I got a bit of a shock. Looked like blue vein work all over her tummy under that dress. On closer inspection it was an elaborate and very large tattoo that seemed to also be on her back.

Iím pretty neutral on tattoos, even big ones can be done well, but this one didnít work for me and I could feel my mojo slipping away. So I quickly entered her and started pumping hard. She hooked her legs around mine and we ground into each other going deep. She was breathing pretty heavy now...

I change to doggy and pulled her into me quickly. But just at the end of my cock, I felt that light wall and she yelped out and said to go slow. Probably getting too deep.

Nice easy strokes... ramping up to some hard and deep ones. I could see her grabbing the bedsheets and turning her head away... so figured she needed me to finish. Hooked my hands around her thighs, positioned myself a little above her and pounded down hard till I hit the finish line. Nice one!

She jumped quickly into the shower (still with dress on!) squatted down and just washed her nether regions. Then I showered (alone) and she watched me while I dressed. Some light chit-chat in my broken mandarin.

Overall, was a bit disappointed by the punt. I had heard that Pussycats was the best that Melbourne had to offer in ĎAsian delights,í but maybe cos I only paid for the standard service, or cos Iím spoiled by the quality and service that I enjoy in Sydney.

On the way out I did see a Tiffany in another line-up and she was more up my alley (looks-wise).

Nearly back into the city now... gonna be $100 I reckon just in taxi fares on top of punt.


Happy Punting.

01-12-2018, 07:01 PM
Tiffany, dont do it bro. She knows she looks great, but service is pretty poor. But if u like to fuck a pretty starfish go for it. Starfish that also says no alot.

01-12-2018, 07:16 PM
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