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07-04-2019, 07:59 PM
Person's Name : Alva

Establishment : Private @ Rivervale.

Date of Visit : March 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :
Wechat: beatonstreet
Phone : 0452 325 432

Hours of Business : 10am - 11pm - contact to check

Rates : 200/hr - CBJ, FS + 69 ($50) ~ $250 for my session; other extras available with a price

Age : 18 (asked many times, says she is 18) - did look really young.

Size/shape : Size 7-8 slim curvy, B Cuppas, 168cm Tall, sexy eurasian features, white skin, firm bottom, well maintained trimmed kitty (might have been shaved, cant remember clearly )

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese mix Turkish

Services Provided : CBJ, FS, LFK, 69 ($50), other extras available

Value for money/recommend? : Yes! Yes! Yes!

My experience/comments :

Happen to be in Perth for a work function and decided to have a punt and see what is on offer after. searching wechat, and Alva's wechat caught my attention, added and waited for her to accept. Once accepted, had a look at her photos in moments - WOW WOW WOW! Her beautiful Eurasian face was the deciding factor for me to have a session. Sent her a message, asking where she from, age etc. Her reply was China mix Turkish, 18 years old - turning 19 soon:love:. Happy with that answer and decided to book. Rates starts from 200/hr, and extras available at a cost. Made a booking, address provided, UBER booked and ready to punt. Wanted to make sure she was real, google searched and came across her ad in scarletblue. Its a punt, so decided to still go ahead.

Arrived at address on time, message Alva stating that I have arrived, she messaged back with details on how to get into the Apartment block and so on. Buzzed the number provided and in I go into the apartment lobby, up the lift, arrived at the door. Knocked and waited, finally door is open and enter. Hiding behind the door is a pretty, tall, Eurasian girl, smiling as I enter. She motions me to seat down at the dinning table area. She ask me how long I want to stay, any extras. Decided to go with 69 as extra - wanted to taste that Eurasian kitty. Alva's English is just basic. She looks more western than Chinese, so sexy, western girl speaking in Mando. She motions me into the room and to take a shower. Apartment is neat and tidy, and seems the room we were in was used for her sessions.

Came out of shower, Alva is on the bed waiting. She is wearing a purple see through, short outfit - easy to slip off. Pulled Alva close to be so that I can look into her sexy eyes, so sexy, my first Eurasian girl! That got little bro wanting to burst out! My hands were roaming all over her body, very smooth skin and feels really young. Asked her again if she was really 18, she said in Mando that she is turning 19 soon, she got a little upset that i kept asking. All I can say that she looks very young and I accepted that answer. Started to give her light kisses, remove her outfit and started sucking on those lovey shaped B cuppas. Alva starts to moan and seems fake - was wondering if this will go on for the whole session . Kissing my way down to her tummy, belly button, and finally at her kitty. Started to tease her by not paying attention to her clit but just kissing all over. Finally I moved to her kitty and started DATY on her. And to my surprise Alva started to moan in pleasure now - not the fake moans she was doing. Gave it my all, as I do enjoy seeing a lady enjoying having her kitty eaten. Alva is moaning very loud as she cums (taste good so good, and the heavenly scent), she tried to push me away, but I kept on eating her kitty out. Alva at this stage was enjoying the session. She did comment to say that its the first time she enjoyed DATY and this was the best she had (ok, I hope so?!:cool2: ). I just smiled and continue to eat her out, and this went on for a long while, she just keeps cumming, and moaning loudly. As she cums again, I went up to give her a kiss, and a surprise she gave me - she started to DFK - lots of tongue, exchange of saliva - started to finger her kitty and continue DFK. Session just got better! Kept at this for a few mins, than decided to eat her kitty again, she resisted - said too sensitive. But as I went down on her again, she didn't resist, ate her till she came and decided its time to make love. On with the condom and enter her I did in mish. At this stage, little bro didn't get any CBJ, as all i wanted was to get into this Eurasian kitty. Kitty was very wet, no lube required and felt tight and warm (thank you sagami 001). We went at it in a few positions, CG and Doggy. The best position was in Mish where you can see her sexy eyes and beautiful Eurasian face. I just had to keep banging this Eurasian kitty, didn't give her a chance to rest, I kept pumping her till I finally shot my load into sagami. So exhausted we both felt. A little regret that I didn't have Alva give me CBJ - on her knees sucking little bro and those sexy eyes looking up at you :slobber:

Alva cleaned me up, I went to have a quick shower and back to the bed. Looking at her, I wish I could get into her again - but little bro was not cooperating.it was a great session, satisfied. With the limited time left, we just lay on the bed cuddling, chatting, asking her about her background, studies, ex model, and travels. Her phone suddenly rings, and she left the room to talk - seems like another customer. I quickly dressed, waited for Alva in the living room. She finally comes out, all dressed to go out. She apologized for just leaving me in the room, but I said no issue. She got a call that a customer wants her for an overnight session. That brother surely cashed up, hope you enjoyed your time with Alva. Gave her a hug, kiss and exit.

Session with Alva was fun, very GFE once you get her cumming, ticked off my bucket list for Eurasian girl :love:

As usual, this is my experience during the session. Happy Punting Bro's.

25-04-2019, 10:40 PM
Great report... There seems to be a quite a few independents working out of apartments... I was in Perth at the end of March... Unfortunately, didn't get a chance to get to sample any naughty fun...