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    [Shop info] Do not even try, I booked a girl through wechat...

    Do not even try, I booked a girl through wechat and got address which is a nearby old apartment opposite westfield, went up and girl opened door but one hand still playing mobile phone game, paid for...
  2. So many girls on scouts and any has anyone tried the website

    I found so many girls on website scouts and babe, has anyone tried this website whether it is realialbe. All the girls info are true or from agents.
  3. Thread: M Moon Moon

    by 69lover

    I tried her two years ago, she used to rent a...

    I tried her two years ago, she used to rent a unit at Granville, different phone number and wechat but still same name Moon moon, used to charge cheaper, I remember 200 for an hour, service is good,...
  4. [7 Cowper] Nancy, nice girl with good attitude and service

    Went to 7 cowper yesterday as I wanna try new girl lucky who was not there, Linda introduce me Nancy. Paid half an hour and took a shower, Nancy came in and holding towel waiting for me. Had a look...
  5. parramatta private appartment Lola, great service

    one of my friend introducd me this Lola girl in Parramatta, called her and booked time. arrived on time and she was wairing for me. took a shower with her, sje washed me throughout nicely and did BBJ...
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    [7 Cowper] Cici good WL at 7 cowper

    The boss message me that Cici came back after holiday, gonna give it a try. Called boss and booked her for half an hour.
    Paid money and went into room, she came in and took shower together. She...
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    [7 Cowper] Molly, new WL in 7 cowper

    Boss Linda sent me message that there Will be 2 new ladies start working at no 7. Called and confirmed they both there today. Got there and see lovely Linda. After she greet me I paid and getting...
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    Those ladies have different wechat account. I...

    Those ladies have different wechat account. I asked them which level they live, got told 27, I straight away delete their wechat. Thanks bro for warning us.
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    Oh shit mate, believe it or not, I just booked...

    Oh shit mate, believe it or not, I just booked one of the girl for today and she gave me 7 rider BVD Rhodes. She has been saying hello to me and posted few photos looking like early 20s, now I feel...
  10. Found a great place next to Macquarie shopping centre

    Have not been to private for a while, went to website and found a place at Macquarie Park next to Macquarie shopping Centre. Called up and went inside, two ladies are available, choose the one with...
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    [7 Cowper] Lily, New star at 7 cowper

    Looked online yesterday and found a new lady Carina in 7, so called up to book nut she finished earlier, but got told there is another new one named Lily, New Lily.
    Went to the shop and paid,...
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    [7 Cowper] Lucy, the one always provide great service

    Last Friday, got nothing to do, need to burn some time. Went to 7 the see any new girls available, called up and found someone named Lala who I never tried. Booked for 30 minutes and arrived shop,...
  13. [7 Cowper] Granville 7 cowper always got great WL, Mina today

    Long time has not visited shop due to this bloody virus thing, today I message Linda to ask for any new WL, got told there is a new one Yumi. Went to the shop she is busy, got introduced Mina. A...
  14. Thread: Ada on WeChat

    by 69lover

    [Question] I had her one hour at her renting place at...

    I had her one hour at her renting place at Merrylands, she is about 45 years old, but her massage was really good, she was sweating and working hard, also she provide full service, ending with...
  15. [7 Cowper] Have not seen her for a while, is she still...

    Have not seen her for a while, is she still working?
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    [7 Cowper] Vicky, the best WL at 7

    Got nothing to do today and message shop owner, got told there are few WL, I heard Vicky working today. I remember I had her before which was very good. I went to shop , paid half an hour. Vicky was...
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    [7 Cowper] Amy, New lady, first day today

    I found out today there will be a new lady Amy from website, I decided to find out newbie. Messaged Linda and found out she is in shop.
    I arrived lunch time she was busy. Paid reception and entered...
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    [7 Cowper] Michelle, great service with lovely attitude

    Went to shop yesterday to look for new girls, parked car and met a girl walking into shop, asked Linda her name is Michelle. Paid money and Michelle came into room.
    Very polite and friendly, holding...
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    [7 Cowper] Vicky, amazing service, GF experience

    Last Wednesay, checked online, found a new girl Vicky, called shop and Linda was at shop.
    Went to shop, waited for a while, shop was so busy due to promotion. Quickly paid and went into room with...
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    [7 Cowper] New girl QQ, amazing service

    Yesterday check the roster, found a new girl named QQ never tried, called shop and booked her down. Arrived shop and the boss greeted me nicely and took money. After a while QQ came in with nice...
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    [7 Cowper] Honey, New girl with great service

    Saturday after work, message the boss to look for new girls, got told there are two: Honey and Wendy.
    Arrived shop and paid money, went into shower, Honey came in with smiling on the face and very...
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    [7 Cowper] MINA, New WL with great service

    Finished early on Thursday and head to No7。 sent message to boss and asked for new ladies, got told there are a few. When I arrived shop, Mina is available, paid money and she walked in, very...
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    [7 Cowper] Lucy, the new super star for No 7

    Last night, finished job early and had a bit spare time, phone No7 and found out few girls available.
    First in is Bobo, friendly and beautiful , but had before, then asked for Lucy which the name...
  24. [7 Cowper] Hi Linda, sorry for the late post. Will see you...

    Hi Linda, sorry for the late post. Will see you again soon.
  25. [7 Cowper] Bella, New star for no 7, GF feeling the best

    Monday afternoon free, message the boss and ask for New ladies, got told two new , Bella and Angela, got shop and Bella was fee, so paid and got into room. She walked in and introduced herself, my...
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    [7 Cowper] Lili, new star for 7. amazing service

    Head to No 7 today after lunch and contact boss, confirmed I can come with spectial price. get in and Lili was waiting for me, got her once last time and service was amazing, really wanna try her...
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    [7 Cowper] New Lady Cici, service so nice

    Yesterday, got nothing to do, head to my favourite shop, was going to findy Sammie the best one ever but not working. saw one lady YOYO so hot, but got booked one hour, cannot wait , reception called...
  28. [7 Cowper] The best one ever for NO7-, Sammie, Taiwanese girl

    The boss offered me on Tuesday for new girls, but was so busy and did not go, yesterday quickly finished e everything and head to shop. Two girls available, randomly picked first day one named...
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    [7 Cowper] New Lady named Licky, so nice

    Sorry for the late post as being busy for the last two weeks.

    I went to shop on 12/07/17 and mamasang introduced me new girl named licky ( funny but sexy name). paid money and took shower, licky...
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    [7 Cowper] LALA at 7 cowper yesterday

    Finished work yesterday and contact Boss for the shop, Linde offered me special discount to try new girls. Got shop at 9 and 4 girls available, Picked the one not busy, her name is LALA, she is...
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