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Thread: Chatswood - Private (Bunny?) House

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    Quote Originally Posted by local View Post
    Fellow Punters ...
    I have been a supporter and continual visitor to Bunny House since they started....
    But recently have notice some changes which I don't personally agree with and have no curtailed my visits a bit...

    Just wondering whether others have been quietly noticing ?
    I posted my thoughts in the other thread. Like yourself I've been a regular since the beginning. Maybe I'm less critical than you or maybe I'm just focussed on other things. But I've never had anything less than an exceptional experience at this place.

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    Compared to some of the places I have punted at, this place is pretty clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybo View Post
    Compared to some of the places I have punted at, this place is pretty clean.
    I don't disagree, but their standards are falling (if not failing).

    Not the girls, but the management of the place... and they change things, but not their advertising.

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    May I ask if you guys mean the standard of hygiene is falling or the actual service. I have been there quite regularly from the beginning as well but havenít been there for the last few weeks. I have always enjoyed the service and my only minor complaint for the last few times I went was they tend to change my booking around to perhaps fit more customers.. anyways usually only 15-30 mins difference and I m happy if their business is good.

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