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Thread: Purple - hot punt for the summer

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    Purple - hot punt for the summer

    Chatswood 60 - 60 Whiting St, Atarmon

    girl: Purple - tall 173cm, full bodied but not fat. Bolt on Dís, pics are her but a younger version by 10 years, she is cute and speaks great English

    service 9/10 - she is playful and professional and service oriented

    diamond service $200 for an hour

    had a session with Purple in January and had a great time. I picked her because she was sexy and a great personality in the lineup. Took me to the room and the fun started in the shower with DFK after mouthwash and the she soaped me up and rubbed her soapy body against mine. Her giant jugs felt great. A little bbbj in the shower and more Dfk with fondling and exploring with my hands and a thorough cleaning of my arse and dick. Out of the shower and dry off and onto the bed.

    solid cat bath and then BBBj which was excellent. Purple is all about pleasing and asked me what I want and totally accommodated my requests. She provided 69, tons of cocksucking, fucking, French kissing, and CIM. I fingered her and rubbed her arse with no complaints. Nice dirty talk mixed in and overall a very satisfying punt.

    I left happy and would return for more. All girls should have her attitude.

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    Spot on match for my experience with her late 2020. Solid communication so you get what you want from the session, but you do need some idea of what you want, and be OK with some chat. I got the feeling she preferred to do sessions like you describe, rather than short pound and leave style.

    Only looks slightly older than pics. Same youthful energy as pics in any case.

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    Defo agree woth the comments above. The only comment from me is that the photo is way outdated. She is more of a milf type than gf type.

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