When: Early Feb 2021
Website: chatswood60.com.au
Damage: Less than $200 for an hour (only Standard but YMMV)
Real pics? No
Happy? Very
Summary: Very new so didn't get a provider experience, more like a real GFE. Put some in to get some out.

Dead set, this girl looks like a younger, prettier version of Mindy Kaling.

Anyway, felt like trying an Indian in an FS shop to see if the experience is any different from Indians in an MP. Chatswood 60 generally has standards so I figured it was a pretty safe bet and made a booking.

The first thing that struck me was that Ria is incredibly short. She's also a lot rounder than I'd usually pick but her shape works for her. She's the sort of curvy that works and not this skinny-fat that we see too often. Think of a Dove ad - that sort of curvy. Think of a renaissance painting - that sort of curvy. There's cushin' for the pushin'.

Without going into too many details, Ria didn't exactly have a routine on the day so I mostly led the way through the session. What I will say is that I found her to be an mood amplifier - give her some passion and she'll return with more, much more. What started off with me feeling like it was going to be a boring Standard session turned out into one of the most passionate GFE sessions I've ever had.

I reckon, if you're looking to be passive and simply be served, Ria probably isn't the right one for you. If you're bored of being provided tick box service and want to feel like you're with a lover, come and see Ria.