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    Was in the area and checking the roster popped in to see if Cora was available. Papasan told me 10 - 15 minute wait, I asked if that meant over half an hour and he told me he always tells the truth, so I waited.

    Sure enough after 10 minutes she was available, but through the wall I could hear her having a heated conversation with someone so I had to wait another few minutes.

    When she came to meet me she was smiling, she was short slim and pretty with b cups so I went for the half hour. I undressed and went for a shower I was surprised when she joined me but then let down when she pulled out a toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. I finished and was drying myself off and I heard her talking to herself in Chinese in the shower, she came out kissed me and kept talking to herself. She did this for the whole time even when I was dining at the Y.
    The only time she stopped talking to herself was when she put my dick in her mouth. When it was time for sex she was still babbling away in Chinese, occasionally she would say to me in English "I love you" or "you good boy".
    It was off putting having her talk in Chinese but I managed to blow my load. As I brushed her hair from her neck I realised she an earbud in and was having a conversation with someone else.

    I showered and as I was leaving she interrupted her conversation to tell me "I love you" and then went back without skipping a beat.

    The only time I've had a worse rejection was when my hand fell asleep while I was wanking!
    My level of sarcasm depends on your level of stupidity.

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    Sorry to hear about your poor punt but that cracked me up

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