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Thread: Claudia - Disappointing punt

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    Claudia - Disappointing punt

    Person's Name : Claudia

    Establishment : chatswood60

    Date of Visit : May 2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :0448 829 891

    Hours of Business : 10am - 3am

    Rates : $250 for 1 hour

    Age : Late 30s?

    Size/shape : 175cm tall, slim

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Sweden, according to her

    Services Provided : CBJ, 69, DATY, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : Not for me, YMMV

    My experience/comments :

    So recently I saw this new Caucasian girl being advertised at Chatswood 60. Now I have to say, I have had very solid punts at Chatswood 60 with Asian girls - Nikki, Purple, Emy, all of whom I would totally recommend for sure, but their non-Asian girls have been a bit of hit and miss (eg Chanel was completely terrible). No one has posted a review on Claudia yet and her photo seems very promising. So I decided to give them benefit of the doubt.

    I called the shop and was told she was booked out on the day. I thought hell if she's that popular she must be good. But well I guess everyone was going for the new-girl factor. So next day I called early to make sure I could get in. I arrived on time and was told that she was still with another customer. So I settled the finances and waited about 15 minutes. Finally she came to the booth to get me. When I first saw her, she was not what I expected. An important lesson to learn, if the website doesnít mention age, it usually means she is not in her 20s. Iím not a good judge of age to be honest, but Iíd say sheís in her late 30s.

    She took me to her room and I tried to make some small talk but she seemed a bit cold. I tried to hug and kiss her but I just get that weird feeling that sheís uninterested. For me, DFK is quite important in a session but clearly I wonít be getting any, despite having paid diamond price. I know itís all an act anyway but hell, punters pay to enjoy a good show right?

    We had a fairly standard shower together, we moved into the bed for some CBJ. Her skills were alright but nothing special. After 10 mins, I thought maybe I could redeem the session with some DATY. So I got her to lie down and went down on her. A little bit of FOAM but I donít think she was relaxed enough to let me make her cum. I didnít feel it was going anywhere and junior was starting to go soft. I thought I better get on with it so we moved on to missionary. She seemed to have her eyes closed most of the time, which is kind of a turn off for me as I like to gaze into her eyes. After a while I was starting to lose interest so switched to doggy and I finished off. Had a shower and left 45 mins into a 1 hour session.
    The session was certainly not the best and a bit below average when compared to my other sessions in the past at this establishment. She could have been exhausted from seeing other customers but I donít know. Overall, I didnít feel the real passion that day in the room with Claudia.

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    Their whole management are failing to get food girls anymore. I used to love this place. But it has been a long time since I visited the place.

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    Appreciate your comments re Claudia (and Chanel). I had my eye or 2 on these ĎSwedesí but wonít bother now. Management lift your game! Update profiles with age & better pix.

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    As of today, girl pics are fake. I don't recommend booking without meeting the girl at waiting room. Reception guys used to be corrupt, i felt like they take money for diamond but pass over premium/standard price to shop/ girl.

    Obviously, there is a shortage of girls due to Pandemic; but hopefully new stocks will come and shop will improve as it was on 2020 and before.

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