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Thread: Elsa - good for a faux-date session

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    Elsa - good for a faux-date session

    Person's Name : Elsa

    Establishment : Chatswood 60

    Date of Visit : May 2021 (night)

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone : 0448 829 891

    Hours of Business : 10 - Late

    Rates : 200/hour

    Age : 30ish

    Size/shape : about 165 and slim

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : LFK, DATY, CBJ, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : YMMV (NTI and probably needs some warming up but I can see potential for good GFE in the future)

    My experience/comments :

    I had wanted to try out another ABC since they seem to be coming to shops recently so I booked Elsa. As it turns out, she's not ABC. She can, however, speak English just fine because she actually studies here unlike a lot of other girls for whom studying is a cover story. So in that sense, you could say that the session had a Chinese overtone but it wasn't run of the mill.

    When I got to the shop, I was told that she'd only been in the industry for a few days so I figured I should see how her routine goes without taking the wheel too much. In the room, I went to the shower first and she didn't join. Not too much of a bother for me because I'm more interested in having a connection on the bed than all of the bells and whistles. We got onto the bed and she comes in for a caress, asking me what I like to do. Things started off with a passionate embrace with LFK and then I started to move south for a little DATY.

    For DATY, she's responsive in a quiet way. I could tell that she was trying to let herself go a little bit and enjoy the experience.

    After the DATY, went into mish until completion. The nice thing about everything was that there wasn't any FOAM. Rather, it felt more like she was trying to hold back her noises because she wasn't sure if she was supposed to enjoy herself.

    All in all, it felt a little like the first time sleeping with a new girlfriend who happens to be pretty shy - she wasn't doing anything to impress (I wasn't asking, either) but she was in the moment. I guess this isn't everyone's cup of team but, considering she was only a few days into the job, I'd give her A for effort for accommodation. In an industry where you can sense that some girls really don't want to be there, Elsa seemed like she wants to make it work so I think she's definitely worth seeing if you're happy to be gentle and want to build a connection.

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    Thanks mate, you confirmed my age theory in regard to WLs in Asian shops. Always add 10 years! Chatswood60 has 22 as her age but seems she is in her 30s!

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    hah well I pretty sure that WLs in their low 20s right at this very moment are like antimatter. I've only seen one in the last year - Jasmine at 5 Fairfield.

    In Elsa's defence, she had a very nice and youthful face.

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