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Thread: Filming

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    Damn, i want to get this as a part of a session with my faves.
    A way to kind of save the session for future reference or reminiscing.

    Just like ars and remembering sessions. But definitely could be a better way imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngheart View Post
    I showed her the first take and she said take it out, she then pulled off the condom and said now take it again.
    So you went BB??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hhammer33 View Post
    Iíve done it once with one. It was good, she just asked that I donít show her face. I actually knew her too from a year or so prior. Thankfully she didnít charge me for the filming.
    this was the same for me but instead on me filming, she filmed it herself to hide her face, which watching back made it so much hotter

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