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Thread: Perth - Second, third and fourth time :D

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    Perth - Second, third and fourth time :D

    Hello everyone!

    Not many posts about Perth, which is a bit of a shame. Come on guys, share your adventures

    Maybe this helps someone do their first time if you have been thinking about it but never went for it.

    So last year I posted my first time adventure, you can read here:!

    Since then I've been to Perth three times, one time for medical stuff, the other two work related.

    I used these services:

    Early in the year I'm back in Perth and use the services (links above) on BC site. I used them before, they have a range of girls and in good locations for me, as I'm staying in the city. You communicate through SMS or WeChat and negotiate a time and place. The send you the address and when you're there they send you the floor / room details, sometimes a pin to enter the apartment building.

    I had some medical appointments and the plan was to have 2 to 3 experiences. For the first one I try one of the more expensive girls, $300 an hour. Summer was her name. As with all these girls, they don't look like the photos, so set your expectations accordingly. But I think what you get for the higher price is someone more experiences. She knew what she was doing and I could just lie back and relax and she did all the work, which was really nice. I didn't masturbate for a while, to prepare myself, and everything went well and came without issues, mission accomplished. We had lots of time left, so I get a nice massage, then a shower and I'm out.

    The next girl, I believe was the following day, or something like that. I don't remember the name, and it seems she isn't working anymore. She was lovely, good English and had an actual conversation at the beginning. But I'm not the youngest anymore, so I wasn't that horny that day and there is also a bit of anxiety and pressure when you're in town for just a few days and without that emotional connection, well sometimes it just doesn't work. So we get over the line with a nice HJ and I was planning on seeing her again, but, seems she has stopped working

    Back home I do some research into pills, never had to use one, and in relationship not an issue, but when seeing escorts, different story, at least for me. So I order some generic stuff, 20mg generic Cialis and 50mg generic Viagra. As I said, never tried this stuff before, so I'm quite excited and looking forward to how it plays out.

    Second trip to Perth, this one is for work, and quite short, so not much time. Turns out 20mg generic Cialis is quite a lot and I should have bought a pill cutter. Well I just use a knife and cuts well in half, so I take one pill first day in the morning, second pill next morning.

    An interesting experience. I didn't notice much of a difference, just more "movement" down there in day to day things, and when sleeping. This substance stays in the system for longer, so you ready to go for a long time. But the real test still to come.

    I book a girl through the BC website, turns out just down the road from where I'm staying. Amber is her name. Again, doesn't look as pretty as on the photo, but attractive and looking after herself. It is a one bedroom apartment, but Amber doesn't have a heater Brrrrr. I take off shoes and then pay her. Take a nice shower and I'm ready. This time I'm more relaxed. Having taking the pill, I don't know, it just takes off pressure. It's not like you're running around super horny, but rather than worry about the performance, I could really enjoy the moment with this girl. Slow it down and take my time. So yes, it was a great success, I was very hard and had a wonderful time. The girl was ok on top, but not great, so we switch to missionary and then doggy and I have no issues getting over the line. I get a nice massage to finish things off and I'm on cloud nice, this is how I envisioned these experiences to go down. Not worrying about performance and being anxious, but enjoying the moment being relaxed. Anyway...

    The next day, I went back to Internationals 300 just one more time. They have two sites, both located in Northbridge area. The shops look quite unsuspecting from the outside, certainly no obvious signs or anything like that. I make my way to the entrance and asked to have a seat. Then they call out the girls currently working. It was early afternoon and the lady said they had no business yet, so it seems they were a little unprepared.

    I went for $200/40 minutes I think. 2 girls were shown and neither of them were attractive to be honest. Sorry girls, don't want to hurt your feelings. Both a bit chubby but I couldn't bring myself to say no and walk out of there LOL

    I chose the Chinese girl and we go to a room. There is a small shower, so off I go and shower myself. I wrap towel around and then relax on the bed. The girl showers next and then it begins. She's not sensual at all, quite rough and quite theatrical, not my type at all. I decline protected BJ and next we have sex with her on top but it's a real mess LOL So we switch to missionary and then doggy which does the trick. I eventually come, mission achieved and she then gives me a massage, which is much better than the sex LOL No issues with performance, so yea, the pill works as it should, test passed, I now have something I can rely on.

    And finally, another trip to Perth. This time, less is more. I wanted to see just one girl, enjoy it and not rush and feel like a numbers game. This time I try the generic viagra pill. 50mg and I take it 2 hours before the appointment. Again, it works as intended. I take the shower, wrap the towel around, she comes close and hugs me and I already have a boner

    I come twice, first time sex and then a HJ. Nice and I'm happy. I have two options (pills) to take the edge off. With V you need to time things a bit more as the window of action is narrower. With C there is less anxiety as you are good to go for 24+ hours.

    So yea, I'm looking forward to my next time in Perth and enjoying the moment.

    Hope this helps someone out there

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    sounds like a good time on Perth. I was planning a return trip since July, then August, then september. I've given up and will be there next year.

    I have used C & V. I use V as it's on the PBs and super cheaper for us on a benefit.

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