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Thread: K Nana, very good service

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    K Yujin, very good service

    So had a work event in the city yesterday and decided to pop into Ginza empire at the end of it to test my luck and see who's available. The receptionist asked me which nationality I would prefer and I initially said Japanese to see if I can snag one of the many Japanese girls that are now working at Ginza but surprisingly not. They booked out. I then said I also like Korean girls and they had a few Korean girls available! Opted for Nana cause she's rocking them DDs and I wanted to taste some tits so paid the damage and away I went to the room.

    Knocked on the door and Nana opened and greeted me. She said she just had an hours nap and just woke up lol. I'm actually quite happy with that as it means she's at leas well rested. So look wise. She's quite tall. 170ish. Definitely DD natural tits and and shaved pussy. A bit of belly fat but she's still got a nice body and a plump ass. Face is a bit average but still pretty and personality is amazing. Very friendly and spoke English quite well actually. Into the shower, had some mouth wash and a nice shower BBBJ. I can tell straight away she's quite pro with the BBBJ. Lot of technique and variety.

    On the bed and nice Korean service. Asked me to relax and began the wet slurpy cat bath, whilst her hands moved across my body, to my crotch and tickled my balls. More foreplay and then moved down for some BBBJ. Again very amazing BBBJ. Really good technique and she'd periodically go down and lick the bottom of my balls. All the while her mouth is busy with my cock, her hands were tickling the soles of my feet and then comes up to tickle and pinch my balls. Whilst this was happening I was fondling her tits and they're gorgeous tits. Think they're natural. After while she comes up for some intense DFK. Like mouth raping me DFK and then I was licking those gorgeous tits like no tomorrow and it seems like she was enjoying it too.

    Lubed up my little brother and gave a wicked pussy slide before doming up CG. Whilst in CG we were DFKing and she did this thing where she would wet her fingers with her mouth and then play with my tits lol. Which to mish and then finished in doggy where I was squeezing that plump ass. Cleaned up chatted and she gave me a massage. Very friendly girl. She's saying how now a days all the Japanese girls are getting booked out with back to back bookings.

    I'm thinking to myself, this is great. Does that mean the Korean girls are a little more free now and fresher. Perfect. In my mind this is what I'm thinking about in terms of the Japanese girls that are getting fucked back to back 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

    ps tunnel.jpg

    Where as all the other girls that aren't Japanese are getting well deserved rests lol.

    Japanese girls are now like the wave breakers of brothels. Taking the brunt of punters.

    EDIT: shit sorry guys think it was Yujin I saw and not Nana. Can't tell to be honest cause the website photos are highly highly touched up.

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    So I initially wrote this AR thinking I saw Nana but I actually saw Yujin.

    Last week I actually did see Nana so in terms of pure service Nana was fucking amazing.

    All the bbbj, DFK and shots I want but she's super milfy and has a small bit of stomach.

    If you don't like visibly milfy ladies then avoid but if you don't mind and would just like pure service then give Nana a go.

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