Had an hour to kill so decided to try this place out. Entered and asked for 45 mins. Got sent to a room with a ML. She was very average to look at, probably in her 40s. I thought this was going to be a dud session but, luckily, I was wrong.

The room was clean and there were 2 massage tables in the room. I took my clothes off and lay down. She starts massaging and it was quite good. She kept checking to make sure that the pressure was alright and I did feel quite good afterwards.

When she moved down to my legs, she really got “in there” to massage and this would only have one possible reaction. As I got harder, I told her that it was good. She asked if I wanted a prostate massage as that would be great for the little guy. I’m not going to say no.

She begins to massage around the area and, honestly, it was actually massaging around that area. Eventually, it was time to turn over. She sat on the table and got me to put my legs over hers. She continues massaging around the groin and build up the tension until release.

Of interest, she said that a prostate massage should never have a finger up the bum.

Anyways, what a great session. ML is nothing special to look at but the service is absolutely top notch.