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Thread: Monica at 78a - a very good GFE session

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    Monica at 78a - a very good GFE session

    Person's Name : Monica

    Establishment : 78a Artarmon

    Month/Year of Visit : 30.11.21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Artarmon Brothel & Adult Sex Service | Artarmon 78A Brothel

    Phone : 9904 7336

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Extras Cost : None

    Services Provided This Session : LFKing, BBBJ, 69, DATY, FIV, cowgirl, doggie, FIA

    Age : About 30?

    Size/shape : Pretty face, quite short, slimish figure (just very slightly cuddly), B-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : SG

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - a lovely girl

    My experience/comments : Lulu told me that today’s girls were Asia, Mia and Monica so I booked the one I hadn’t yet seen.

    Monica wasn’t ready when I turned up so I had a chat with Lulu. I had their website open on my phone and showed her one of the photos, asking whether that was Bella (who was working at 116 today) and she said it was. I pointed out that they had spelt the name as “Barra” (the usual problem the Chinese have with R’s and L’s) and she said she’d get it changed.

    We also talked about the other girls I haven’t seen yet including a new girl who started yesterday called Jenny. It was noticeable that Sasa, to whom I was introduced on my last visit, wasn’t mentioned and I later found out why.

    I also had a good chat with the lovely Mia. I’ve seen Mia twice before at other shops and she is a really cute and sweet girl. I told her where else I’d seen her and mentioned that I remember the city she came from and that she had a floral tattoo on her right buttock. She was impressed that I’d remembered her so well (so I didn’t mentioned that I’d just read through my notes on her in case I had to switch to Plan B). Mia said that she remembered me – I’d like to think she did but…….

    Monica was now ready and she led me to the room. She has a pretty face and is shortish and was wearing the porn-style schoolgirl’s outfit of a tight white top and a very short, red and black tartan skirt. (The dirty old man in me really likes that look.)

    Monica was immediately friendly and cheerful and she sorted the room while I showered.

    She stripped to show a slimish figure (just very slightly cuddly) with nice natural B-cups and she was fully shaved. She also has athletic legs and she later confirmed she went running.

    Onto the bed and after some LFKing and a prolonged but pleasant catbath, she started sucking me.

    It was a good BBBJ with no teeth, only a couple of brief tissue-breaks, plenty of saliva and good use of her hands. She was lying beside me with one knee in the air making it easy for me to rub her clit.

    I asked for some 69 and she moved round. She was moaning gently but she didn’t cum.

    When she dismounted I asked for a bit more BJ before getting her to lie down for some DATY.

    This was good and I finger-fucked her while licking her and she was moaning louder now but I still don’t think she came.

    More BJ and finger-fucking before I asked her to get a condom and she said I could later cum in her mouth.

    We started with some cowgirl, with more light kissing, and Monica rode me so well that I was close to cumming. But she tired and we switched to doggie.

    I stood by the bed and Monica stood in front of me, bending over for some standing doggie.

    This was really good and my thumb was up her arsehole as she loudly urged me on. It was so good, in fact, that I decided to finish in that position. Monica then said (sounding disappointed) “You came. You were going to cum in my mouth!” “Next time”, I said.

    I lay down for the tidy up and Monica took a quick shower.

    She offered a massage but I asked her to lie in my arms and we had a chat.

    Monica said she has been in Australia for about three year and started working at 78a earlier this year, just before the lockdown. She said she only works at 78a (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and hadn’t worked anywhere else, previously studying English (as it shows as her English is quite good).

    I commented on the fact that 78a and 116 are well run and all the girls are good. Monica said that if the boss gets bad feedback about a girl, they soon get rid of her. She said that only yesterday a girl was told not to come back and I correctly guessed that that was Sasa.

    All too soon we’d run out of time and Monica left after I’d showered. On my way out I had another chat with Lulu, promising I’d soon be back to see the other girls (and I really must see the lovely Mia again).

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    Nice report. I've been eyeing 78A. Monica is on my list.

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    From Singapore, she is young and beautiful, with a c cup, treats guests very warmly, cheerful, and good service

    Artarmon 78A Brothel

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