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Thread: Ewa at Penrith 393 - OK session but not good VFM

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    Ewa at Penrith 393 - OK session but not good VFM

    Person's Name : Ewa (that's what she said)

    Establishment : 393 Penrith

    Month/Year of Visit : February 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 4732 2220

    Hours of Business : Not sure

    Rates : $120 for 30min

    Extras Cost : None

    Services Provided This Session : BBBJ, cowgirl, doggie, mish

    Age : About 40?

    Size/shape : OK face, curvy figure (bit of a tummy), B/C-cups, untrimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Value for money/recommend? : It was just about OK (good BJ) but not good VFM

    My experience/comments : Decided to head to Penrith again. Like last time, the first stop was Abel St, in Jamisontown. I saw the “Open” sign wasn’t flashing (this was 11am) so I phoned and got no reply. (I later received a text saying they were starting at 2pm – I called back and was told sometimes they start at 10am but at the moment some girls were away because of CNY and the remaining girls were tired and wanted to start later.)

    So I went to 393 in Penrith for a first visit. The receptionist met me and I said I wanted full service with “Suck, no condom”. She had two price lists on the counter – one with “Standard Service - $90/$120/$150” as per the website, but she pointed to the “Diamond Service - $120/$150/$180” which is not mentioned on the website. (That is not good.)

    The receptionist asked how long but I said I’d like to meet the girl so I was shown into a waiting room.

    A girl, who said her name was Ewa, turned up and, based on looks, I went for 30 minutes Diamond and handed over $120.

    The receptionist gave me a towel and told me to go upstairs to Room 4 and shower – quite large room, looked clean, with large shower – and I was soon joined by Ewa.

    She has an OK face and was wearing a short, yellow dress. She stripped to reveal a curvy figure (bit of a tummy but not too bad), decent B/C-cups and an untamed bush.

    Onto the bed and Ewa wiped me down and licked my nipples before kneeling between my legs.

    She started by lightly licking my balls, which was pleasant, and then took me in her mouth.

    It was a good BBBJ with no teeth, plenty of saliva and good, swirling tongue action, but there were a couple of tissue-breaks.

    After a while Ewa asked whether I wanted to fuck but it was too soon and I asked for more BJ.

    Second time of asking I didn’t resist (it was only a 30min session) and I let her dress me, getting an adamant “No” when I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth.

    Lube was applied and we started with some cowgirl, sometimes Asian-style. This was OK and when she tired I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed.

    More lube was used but I was asked to stop when I started fingering her arsehole.

    We switched to the mish and she held her legs high in the air but she soon asked “More suck and hand-job?” (there had been plenty of comments about my size) and I said “Later” but it wasn’t long before I squirted.

    I tried to ask the usual questions but Ewa’s English is very limited. She said she was from Beijing but when I asked which days she worked I think she said she was stopping working after today (but I’m not sure about that).

    She showered first and while I was in the shower she received a phone call, which I think was from reception, and she quickly dressed and said “Busy” and left.

    After dressing I went downstairs but reception was empty so I just departed.

    I know it’s just a sample of one visit at a time when the number of girls available is low, but I think I can get better service with better girls for this price at other shops.

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    Been here couple times, some good jewels as occasionally some working ladies from sister shop Sakura57

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