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Thread: Pro Massage Therapist Altona North

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    Pro Massage Therapist Altona North

    Stopped by Pro Massage Therapist last weekend
    To be honest, I was after a massage. Just got back from a long drive, so was keen to get the back massage
    The girl was not a stunner.
    When I was in the room the difference between Melbourne and Brisbane was clear.
    She told me to get naked and get on the table.
    In Brisbane the line would be to get ready
    Massage was great, just what I needed, she worked my back very well
    Then started the legs with plenty of tease
    Flip was even better, I only opt for 1 pineapple but she stripped
    Not the best body, I am sure more is on offer

    Will I be back, probably but only after I explorer more my new City have to offer

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    Let us know if you ever do a trip back

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarless View Post
    Let us know if you ever do a trip back
    I'll be travelling soon, any suggestions? Will have a car, so can move around a bit.

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