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Thread: Fraud on Skokka

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    Angry Fraud on Skokka

    Here's the link to the fraud ad
    Here's a picture folder of the ad in case it is removed

    The info I'm giving as TLDR right now:
    • She asked me where I live, I said Auburn, she said she lives in the same suburb (I didn't suspect much coz she was in the strathfield section of the Skokka site)
    • Then she sent me a rate list with 300ph, seemed like a pretty decent rate
    • Then she asked me for an advance Osko deposit payment for the 1h session (on a payID: acc Name: MORAN TERRI LOUISE) <Still don't understand how I trusted that email despite being a cyber security major>
    • I told her I have trust issues and only paid her $150 for that, She had told me previously that she'd give me her address once she gets the money
    • Once she confirmed having rcvd the payment, she referred me to her boss saying that I need to talk to her to allow me to see her
    • The boss (+61 488 897 513) asks me to send a $350 deposit for her security that'll be returned once I'm off and she's safe and sound
    • I was fool enough to do that deposit as well (hopeless me)
    • After that deposit she asks me for a $750 as a health insurance refundable deposit
    • Thankfully it was big enough to convince me that I was going into big shit fraud
    • I asked the boss and CherryNatosha (the lady) to return me the deposit and here are there answers as of now
    • Boss: I couldn't log in to my commbank account it shows me an error
    • The lady: insistent on me following the deal to do as the boss says and sending me juicy pics
    • I've already filed a complaint with my bank. They have taken my permission to disclose my personal info with the other bank(s) involved. They might charge me some percentage as well for that recovery operation. Don't know if I'll get my $500 back.

    I'll add more info tomorrow after work. Pretty tired right now after all that freakin drama. I'm new to this private independent escort industry (I have only had experience with a few top notch brothels so far) and defs need more insight into where the fraud can be.

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    Never send money first, you pay when you see the goods. If not better off walking.
    Only time i'd pay in advance if it was a shop and they were high end

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    Why would you want to trust them to send money to ?

    Oh, a fool and his money is soon parted !!

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    Atleast you learnt your lesson.

    the whole website looks like its full of fake ads

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    Quote Originally Posted by neighbourhood_lao_wang View Post
    Atleast you learnt your lesson.

    the whole website looks like its full of fake ads
    I agree, it looks worse then locanto

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