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Thread: JAV - Ann Hyuga - Kimochiiii

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    JAV - Ann Hyuga - Kimochiiii

    So reading after-reports in this forum is my go to bible before going out for a punt. (It saves me so much $$ & wasted time to travel)

    So many thanks to those that continue to TOFTT & report it here.

    Having said this - this is the 'un-reported' review of Ann Hyuga

    Person's Name : Ann Hyuga

    Establishment : 278

    Month/Year of Visit : June 2022

    Rates : $270/30min

    Extras Cost : None

    Services Provided This Session : DFK, BBBJ (in shower too & on bed), 69, DATY, mish, cow-girl, doggie, CIM + EXTRA EXTRA POLITENESS (more on that below)

    Match Photo: 98% - even though it's been airbrushed - but it's her (tits, face and body)

    Age : Late 20s to early 30s (Photo may be taken a few years back or just a lot of makeup)

    Size/shape : Cute face, slim toned body/hour glass body, shaved bush, and that LONG LONG HAIR (omg!)

    Face: 8/10 (if you're fucked Yoko at No5 (she's pretty 10/10) - then Ann is 8/10 - YMMV) - Straight teeth

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Japanese

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely - She gonna be booked out for sure. I'm so glad I got first dips and would def return!

    My experience/comments :

    After having one bad experiencing farking a J girl at Ginza last month when she first debuted. I forgot her name. But she was advertised as hot & cute and I found a massive scar running across her chest and her sex is average. She tried her best to service me. But if I knew. Would not have dropped $180 on her.

    So this time I was weary. Because I'm booking blind knowing full well there's no reviews and the photos may be fake af. But hell, I'm horny for J and No 5 doesn't have my type.

    Plus she's a new J girl and not even booked out - especially me booking at 10pm last night.

    Anyway, headed over and paid $270 for 30min to test this supposedly hot JAV.

    I went upstairs and walked in and MY GOD. She looked like the photo. I was laughing inside. I had such low expectations. I was glad her face/bod/tits matched the ginza photo.

    Wouldn't go in to too much details of what I did with this J delight. But I would say these below highlights:

    - She's super friendly and cute and farking polite AF
    - Invited me and asked me if I wanted to take off my clothes. When I proceeded to take off. She insisted she do it for me. And gave me a very GFE kiss.
    - As I took off my clothes. She took it off me one by one saying - thank you - nodding and bowing. (AHAHA)
    - She then neatly put away my clothes and shoes and bowed and thanked me.
    - When I was going into the shower (she stopped me and said, would you like to undress me) - that was hot AF - she then turned around and kiss me

    - Another highlight is how GFE it felt - her lips are soft and LFK/DFK felt like kissing a long lost lover
    - Note her BBBJ - she could only take the head of my cock - she said it was big - im a big above averages as an asian

    - Her pussy is farking tight. tightest I felt - like farking a virgin (hahah. maybe exaggeration but it's tight for a WL - but she probably doesn't do this much in japan)
    - For DATY - this is the first time for me - but she shudders like a JAV porn star - every like sends vibrations throughout and she whines like those JAV porn girls - not a lot but a lot KIMOCHII KIMOCHII... ahha
    - Her TITS are Ds and very well done - they're not very hard to hold like some girls - but it was nice sucking her nipples off those melons - she shutters and her pussy pulsates with every lick (fark I must be a sex god or she's really good at acting, but felt very genuine like I was a stud - which I'm not)

    Overall, she made me feel like a KING.

    it was 30mins and I timed i well where on the 11th sec - I CIM in her mouth - which I was at the edge of the bed - holding her long hair - farking her face with my cock - 5 days worth of CUM - loaded in her mouth - and she kept sucking it - soo goood... seeing her on her knees

    - Also not an inch off fat on her - but she ain't tonned - not too skinny
    - Also when I'm about to leave, she told me her name again, kissed my lips, and as I turned around, she grabbed my arse and tried to sneak in another kiss

    FARK ME dead - I hope I'm not overhyping this chick - but she did well

    She's only here for 10 days fellas -- I'm glad I farked her early because I'm sure she's gonna be booked out

    Again, YMMV

    She doesn't look like YOKO at No 5 - which I think is the prettiest WL I've farked - but that's face wise - her body is on par and her face with that long hair - is a sexy killer

    Enjoy bros
    A punt a day. Keeps the doctors away

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    What's her JAV name? I tried googling Ann Hyuga and anime character came up

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    Nice After Report bro.
    I had a session with Ann Hyuga today.
    She is an awesome girl.
    Top performer.

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    Thanks bro. Very helpful to compare to Yoko it helps.

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