You gotta love variety and spice in your life!
A few days ago I had a thicc chunky young J girl Lisa and today it was a slim petite ex- fitness instructor young J girl Eri. Well they are both young and Japanese and they were both sexy as fuck. That they do have in common.
Eri is young and petite and fit and gives an outstanding BBBJ and well that’s already more than enough, but here are all the other details anyway.

Eri is advertised as 22yo and looks 22yo to me.
I think Jesse is pretty spot on with his advertised ages so far.
Eri is around 160cm has a tiny petite body. She is an ex fitness instructor and so is lean and toned and not a gram of fat on her.
Nice little A+ cup boobs and a nice round firm arse for a slim girl which is a bonus. Sometimes slim fit girls have a bony arse but Eri has the meat in the right places.
She has ultra-white skin so you guys with a white skin fetish will love this girl. She also has a few tattoos which look hot on her white skin.
A couple of them are hard to spot right away but all will be revealed in the course of the session ��
She is also a pretty girl with a gorgeous smile that lights up the room.

Just arrived in Sydney but definitely has some experience in Japan.
Eri has enough experience to know what she is doing but not enough to be formulaic or mechanical which the ideal amount of experience for me.
Very GFE girl and very genuine.
No fake compliments, no acting, no bullshit, just being herself.

Very organic type girl so she doesn’t launch straight at you with the full on fake DFK. She starts off slow and cautious and gets more passionate as she gains trust and confidence and I like that.
Shaved pussy and really enjoyed DATY. Again took a while to relax but then she did and totally enjoyed herself.
She came, well I think she came or maybe faked one I really don’t know for sure, but either way I took it as my signal to roll over and let her pleasure me. And fuck! Pleasure me she did!

Fucking hell! This girl knows how to suck a dick!
She is a fellatio technician.

Tight little girl but up for a good fuck.
No screams no FOAM, just quietly moaning and enjoying herself.

I couldn’t resist another serving of that sweet fellatio.
I probably should have fucked that tight little pussy again but the “fera” was too good.
I might have to book this one again I think.

If you like young slim fit pretty girls then put Eri top of your list.
She is very genuine and GFE but also experienced and skilled enough to give you a good time.