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Thread: Chloe - Euro - PSE style

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    Chloe - Euro - PSE style

    WL's Name : Chloe

    Establishment : 244 Dream Garden

    Month/Year of Visit : June 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 1/244 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021 -

    Wechat - STPetersmassage

    Phone : 0426 868 057

    Hours of Business : 10am til late

    Rates : $160/30mins Diamond

    Extras Cost : Anal $100 / COF - Negotiable depending on aim.

    Services Provided This Session : DFK, BBBJ, dirty talk, fingering, mish, doggy, CIM

    Age : Mid 30ish?

    Size/shape : Pornstar looks, big lips, fake lashes, wig, tiny figure, tiny a-cups, lovely butt, squeezeable nipples

    Nationality or Ethnicity : English

    Value for money/recommend? : Always great value

    First off, I will preface that Chloe is YMMV punt. Some of you guys will love her, others won't. Hopefully, this may guide you in the right direction.

    I needed to blow off some steam after a dismal few days at work and saw there was some new talent on the website at 244 Paddington as well as M Mandy who is always great value. Turning up at about 7pm, and everyone is booked save for Euro Chloe. Looks like its an easy choice. Upstairs to the room and wait for Chloe.

    After about 5mins Chloe lets herself in and introduces herself. Looking at the photos on the website, they are legit. She has a Eurasian features but the voice out of her mouth is pure westie English. It's a sound that I equate with backpackers and drunken nights and something that I wasn't expecting. She is big nails, big lips, fake lashes and tall stripper heels, looking every inch a working lady. She also informs me that she is wearing a wig because she has an issue with her hair right now.

    "So no pulling your hair while we fuck?" I enquire. "Yeah, I'd prefer if you didn't touch my hair at all. And if you want to COF, aim below the eyes because it can really fuck up my lashes" she replied.

    "So CIM sounds like the best idea?" I ask. "Yep, that would perfect!" she says. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

    If you are used to quiet, demure Asian style service, she probably won't float your boat. But if you're after English filth with some PSE, she is the right choice. She is always talking, doesn't remember a word you say, and has a big personality.

    The action.

    Showered, mouth-washed and jumping onto the bed. She has my bro down her throat in no time. Lots of eye contact, lots of tongue, spitting and hand action. Then she asks "do you mind if I get my toy?" "For you? sure" I say. She grabs a small vibe from her purse and starts using it on her clit while she is giving me BBBJ. It's quite nice to watch so we switch positions so I can finger her and fuck her mouth at the same time while she continues with the toy. She cums twice in quick succession this way, the 2nd time she almost bites my bro in the reaction. She is very receptive to nipple squeezing and hard spanks on the ass. Nice!

    Time to dom up and she asks me where I like to start. Let's start in mish so you can keep that toy going. For a girl that seems like she has been in the game a while, she is surprisingly tight. She keeps her hips grinding into me and the toy also adds a nice effect. Switching round to doggy, she keeps the dirty talk going, begging me to fuck her deep. She still has the toy going on her clit but its also finding its way onto my balls. Maybe by accident, maybe by design but its having an effect on me.

    I have to call time and rip off the dom so we can finish. Chloe has me straddled and asks me to let her know when I'm going to blow. She then starts another BBBJ with lots of spit, tongue flicking, eye contact, dirty talk and occasional deep mouth action. It doesn't take long before I'm holding her head and blowing a big load in her mouth. She stays on my bro until I have stopped pumping. Coming up for air she asks "Got any more for me baby?"

    "Nothing more baby girl, you did amazing".

    She goes off to spit in the shower and then asks if I want a round 2. Considering this is a 30min booking with about 8mins left I decline but I'm curious what that would have consisted of. I've never had a WL offer a 2nd round on a 30min before and many balk at 2nd shot on a 45min booking.

    PSE, she offers Anal extras, is probably a party girl and with more time there is no limit to the debauchery you could get up to with her. Doesn't seem to watch the clock either.

    Always talking, big loud voice, doesn't listen to a word you say and is so very English.

    Not in my top ten, def not in my bottom ten. It's one of those experiences that will stick with me.

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    Sounds hot, should visit her soon

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    Good AR
    Thanks for sharing brother
    Keep the AR coming

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    Thanks for your review

    Chloé (working everyday 9 pm – 4 am)

    30yo European babe

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