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Thread: Perth - Carrier Masin - female escort Osborne Park

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    Perth - Carrier Masin - female escort Osborne Park

    Visited Carrier, female escort in Osborne Park/Stirling area a few weeks ago.

    Name: Carrier Masin

    Location: just off the freeway in an apartment complex above Tassels bar & bistro. Parking available in a construction zone next door, parallel out the front or ikea

    Communication: messaged her that morning for a 1pm 30 min FS. She responded within 5 mins. Chatted about services available. No anal, no BBJ. $150 for 30 min FS

    Service: arrived just before 1pm, messaged Carrier saying I’d arrived. She buzzed me up from her apartment. Paid the cash upfront, and shown to the showers. Had a quick shower then joined her in the room.

    She was wearing a silky dress when I arrived, but after the shower when I’d come back, she was in a push up bra and undies with short heels on. Nice

    Her initial appearance did match the photos.

    This is where things took a turn for the worse. She immediately asked me to lie down and began rubbing her body over me. Personally, I like a little cuddle, kiss them on the check (or French kiss if allowed), play with there boobs and bum and then get down to it. Carrier was rushing me too much, but I obliged with her haste.

    Started giving me an HJ, then slipped on a condom. I said “blow job?” She did a quick (but lazy) CBJ before.

    She immediately started on top of me and rode my dick reasonably well. This is when I started to play with her boobs and realised she wasn’t as young as he photos look or as she described.

    I then moved to doggy(my fav) and went to town.

    After about 20 mins of sex, she stopped it and said “I finish with handjob” I’m like what? I didn’t pay for that. I want to finish inside a girl (yes with a condom on) or on their face if allowed.

    I wasn’t impressed at all and in the end didn’t end up cumming as a result.

    Rating: 3/10. Not worth going to. Photos edited, not all that friendly or conversational in person, didn’t let me finish inside her and said I was too rough. too rough?!? I was even slapping her on the butt or going that hard in any position. I’d give Carrier a miss and won’t be returning.

    No face sitting
    No ball suck or play
    Barely any cuddling.

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    Carrier as a new URL, thought I'd update with new link if there's anyone else from Perth on here

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    Thumbs up

    I agree with the rating. She's not like the pictures but still pretty, and I had a similar apathetic sub-par experience. Won't be back.

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