Person's Name : Lucy, Kelly, and Eva

Establishment : 7 Cowper

Date of Visit : 9th August 2022

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 7 Cowper St, Granville . 02 9682 3888

Hours of Business : 10 till late

Rates : Total Damage was $520 for the hour

Age : Late 20s - Early 30s

Size/shape : 2 were slim, the other was a bit chubby.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : Triple Full Service, BBJ, DATY,.

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

It was the 9th of August so i decided for a birthday treat i would go for the drive down to sydney and try out a 3 way as it's something i've wanted to knock off the list for a while. I decided i would try 7 Cowper out because the prices are fairly reasonable and heard a few good reviews on a couple of the girls there. Once i arrived i exchanged the cash and jumped in the shower eagerly awaiting the mystery girls that would await me once i finished. I was greeted by an older lady, looked to be late 30s and very slim (her name was Kelly) and a chubbier girl, looked to be late 20s (her name was Eva). I laid down on the bed and the chubby girl started to suck me off while i was fingering the older girl. After a few minute of that she got on top and slid me inside of her and started to ride me. Mamasan came in a few minutes later and offered another girl for $100 and i couldn't resist so the cash was handed over and another girl (Lucy) came in the room. The 2 original girls swapped over and now i had the older girl on top of me while i was sucking on Lucy's beautiful tits. Lucy convinced me to pay extra for BBJ and of course again i couldn't say no. Lucy started the BBJ and i asked the chubby girl if she could sit on my face to which she happily obliged. Lucy has one talented mouth, i couldn't believe how good it felt. Normally i can't cum from a BJ but a solid 5 minutes of her sucking the soul out of me and the other girl almost suffocating me with her juicy pussy i couldn't hold it any longer and busted one of the greatest nuts of my life straight into her mouth and she sucked every last drop out like a champion.

After that life altering nut i just spent the last of the 20 minutes left getting a massage from the 2 original girls and walked out a very happy man. I would probably rate the experience a solid 8.5-9/10.