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Thread: Lily, Cindy, Macy and Elia at Artarmon 90 - a fantastic FFFFM birthday treat

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    Lily, Cindy, Macy and Elia at Artarmon 90 - a fantastic FFFFM birthday treat

    Persons' Names : Lily, Cindy, Macy and Elia

    Establishment : Artarmon 90

    Month/Year of Visit : September 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0422 207501

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : Total $480 (Not sure why. Birthday special? Bulk discount?)

    Extras Cost : None

    Services Provided This Session : A mixture of BBBJ, face-sitting, FIV and doggie. Plus reverse CG and FIA (Lily) and CIM (Elia)

    Ages : 30 to 40

    Size/shape : All good slim figures with lovely tits

    Nationality or Ethnicity : All Chinese

    Value for money/recommend? : A fantastic session

    My experience/comments : Rita has been saying for several months that I could see all her girls on my birthday so I called earlier in the week and arranged it.

    When I arrived the door was opened by Cindy who led me to the room and said that Rita would be here soon. (I think Rita was picking up the other girls from somewhere).

    While we waited Cindy was her usual playful, teasing self – grabbing my cock through my trousers and sitting on my lap, grinding herself down on me.

    Rita soon arrived and said there were three girls – Cindy, Macy and a brand new girl called Lily. I asked about Elia and Rita said she was there but it was her period – I asked for her to join in anyway as she’s a lovely girl and her BJ is excellent.

    I showered and then Lily came in. She has a pretty face and a cracking slim figure – natural B/C-cups, a cute butt, lovely legs and a closely trimmed bush. She seemed to be quite self-conscious about her breasts as she kept trying to cover them but I thought they were fine. Lily said she was from Tibet and I was her first customer at 90.

    I got onto the bed with Lily and Cindy returned, soon followed by Macy.

    Cindy has a good slim figure with a fine pair of C-cups. Macy is slightly curvier but also with decent C-cups. Both girls were fully shaved. Macy has dyed her hair honey-blonde since I last saw her.

    I asked Lily to suck me first while Cindy was sitting on my face and Macy was kneeling beside me licking my nipples and I fingered her clit.

    Lily’s BBBJ was very good – no teeth, lovely soft lips and no interruptions.

    I then got Cindy to suck me while Lily sat on my face and I also finger-fucked her. Cindy’s BBBJ is excellent.

    (There was wiping down and condom changes throughout the session.)

    I heard the door open and had to temporarily move Lily off my face to see that Elia had joined us. Elia is pretty with nice C-cups bolted on to a lovely slim figure and she was soon beside me and licking my nipples.

    At one stage I got the girls to stand next to each other so I could take a photo of them – no faces but a line-up of eight lovely boobies.

    Next I got Macy suck me (very good) and then she sat on my face while Elia sucked me. I think Elia’s BBBJ was the best of a very good bunch.

    The door opened again and Rita came in carrying a birthday cake with a lit candle. They all sang Happy Birthday and I was told to make a wish before I blew out the candle. I struggled to think of anything better to wish for than a session with these four lovelies (sod world peace, the end to poverty, etc) except for getting Rita to join in as well but, try as I did, she wouldn’t be persuaded.

    I reminded Elia that when I saw her last month she’d said I could cum in her mouth but I got carried away in the mish and forgot so I promised I’d finish in her mouth today.

    There was some more swapping between BJs and face-sitting and I was also able to finger-fuck Lily and Cindy.

    Then it was time to fuck. As I’d previous had sessions with the others, I asked for Lily to go first and I had Cindy back sitting on my face while Lily straddled me for some reverse cowgirl. And I stuck a thumb up her arsehole for a bit.

    While Cindy was sitting on my face Elia started playing with Cindy’s tits and then licking her nipples – what a great sight.

    To avoid changing condoms, I asked for some doggie from Lily and stood by the bed. This was great as she has a lovely arse and Cindy knelt beside her with her arse in the air so I finger-fucked her at the same time.

    I then moved to some doggie with Cindy while one of the girls was standing behind me and tickling my balls. Cindy gets really loud and loves watching the action in the large mirror.

    It was then time to fuck Macy doggie-style and Cindy lay on her back next to her with her legs wide apart and furiously masturbated. Elia was standing beside me so I got her to go and play with Cindy’s tits again while I fucked Macy.

    I asked Lily whether I could cum in her mouth. She shook her head but I think she said “Next time”.

    I was getting tired and needed to lie down and I had to push Cindy and Elia to one side as they were simulating fucking each other.

    Time to finish up and I had Lily sitting on my face while I finger-fucked Cindy with my right hand and played with Macy’s clit with my left hand and Elia was back between my legs sucking me again.

    I tried to hold back to make it last longer but eventually I just had to squirt in Elia’s mouth.

    She went to spit in the sink while the other girls tidied me up.

    The Rita returned and cut my birthday cake and we all had some.

    I was absolutely knackered and my hands were shaking. The girls kept asking whether I was OK – I think they were worried that I was about to cark it.

    I showered while the girls dressed and left and I went to thank Rita.

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    Holy crap. well done..............

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    Are u able to share pic if no faces?

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    Wow! Happy birthday bro! Really happy for you and thanks for sharing

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    Sounds like heaven

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    Next level. Has to impress some old hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sexercisor2230 View Post
    Are u able to share pic if no faces?
    Sorry, I didn't get the girls' permission (required even without their faces being shown).

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    What a good birthday present 🎁

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