Popped in for a massage at C C Massage in Como, WA


Google reviews aren't great, but there's only two and one of them doesn't even relate to the business

Location: 296A Canning Highway, Como WA 6152. Parking on the side street or around the back.

I drive past this place often and always wondered how nice it'll be. Had all the tell tale signs of a happy ending join. Tinted windows, curtain always draws, cheap LED 'open' sign on the window, no price lists visible. Reason why I haven't been is that is faces bang on Canning hwy and is right next to a bottle shop. Was hesitant about going in through the front door during busy brunch or lunch as there is a cafe directly across Canning hwy facing the place. As I explain later, there is a back door for entry and exit via the car park.

Inside, it's dark and gloomy. No music or ambience. No visible price list is concerning as they may make the price up depending on how you look (hopefully being young-ish I get it a bit cheaper ). All rooms are just partitions that don't go to the ceiling. I could hear them talking to a customer in the other room next door (thankfully I didn't hear him finish) but compared to Essence of Asia massage (my fav) this is cheap and nasty.

Communication: Front of house lady was friendly enough. I asked for a 30 minute full body ($45), she pointed me to the room. I asked how many girls are working today? and If I could chose from one of them? She signed, but at the same time a little blonde number walked out of the room and the front of house said "you like her?" So that's how it started

massage Lady:
Looks:Nice tits and firm to touch, blonde hair tied back in ponytail
Age: Iíd say mid 30ís
Dress: singlet, bra and denim shorts
Wore a mask so couldnít see her face

The massage itself started a bit rough. Had to tell her to be more gentle, especially on my hamstrings and calves. Didn't offer me oil, covered a towel over me

She then started to question whether I'd like extras. $50 for hj, $100 for CBJ. I opted for hj. She kept on pressuring me to go for two girl, even after I said NO a number of times. I stood my ground on one girl, then she said something in her own language across the partition (probably saying I'm a tight ass...)

Hj was nothing impression. Didn't strip off, didn't take her face mask off. i could tell she knew exactly how to get a guy off as quickly as possible. No teasing, just a bunch of moisturiser and rubbing the tip whilst caressing my balls. Finished rather quickly.

Paid her the tip, got dressed and left out the back.

Iíd prefer to have a choice of the massage lady as Iíve had before at another place. Free parking and off the main street and parking around the back. Bit disappointed with the hand job, could tell she wanted me empty as soon as possible to move on. I didn't realise there was an entry via the backdoor (main door faces canning hwy). I won't be back, but glad I checked it out and know now to keep driving.

CC Massage
296A Canning Highway, Como WA 6152
10am-8:30pm 7 days a week