This review is for the escort with this link:

I went in and was greeted with a girl who is at least 1.75m (she is advertised as 1.63m) and then after I asked about her height, she told me her friend is the "real Diva", a short Chinese girl.

The girl told me she's Indonesian but proceeded to use Chinese with the other girl and was on WeChat. She then told me the rates are 250/hr instead of the 200/hr quoted on her ad. I showed her the ad and she reluctantly agreed.

She had no interest in sex at all. It looks like the link for "Mini Diva" just goes to an agency on 160 Victoria St, Carlton and they randomly assign you to a girl.

This ad is a fake and please do not waste money on them. She also tried 4-5 times to convince me to book a double with the other girl, and I said no.