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Thread: B-u-t-t-e-r-f-l-y G-i-r-l-s review and on C Erica in the City

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    B-u-t-t-e-r-f-l-y G-i-r-l-s review and on C Erica in the City

    Contact: 0450642658
    App: Line and WhatsApp
    Price: $200 for 30 mins
    Service: Standard (no frills)
    When: Nov 2022

    A punter from Sydney. Down on a business trip to Melbourne and my go to agency has always been A-p-p-l-e E-s-c-o-r-t-s. Apple is run by multiple people and are generally ok, they have had bad reviews, but it works for me. Word of caution with Apple though, they heavily Photoshop and service is erratic. Hit 'n' miss on service and bait 'n' switch occurs but post covid, the prices for the decent girls is just too high. Don't even bother going for the cheaper girls, because on the appearance they are very ordinary. Their good looking ones are about $500+.

    Decided to try B-u-t-t-e-r-f-l-y G-i-r-l-s. Do a google search on the contact number, will reveal all the info. you need. Ask for photos and got a link to the girls and their photos. They have girls in Box Hills, Clayton, Glen Waverley and of course in the City. Comparable pricing and superb booking service, very responsive. Reassured pimp I am good and reliable, will not cancel and straight to the point. Knowing privates where services is poor and photos is overly exaggerated. Went for standard basic service and got a recommendation from pimp for Erica due to her looks which was what I ask for. Locked in a time, all set.

    Went straight after work, pop my other half of kamagra gel whom I used with QQ (Sydney 42G) from a small air tight container. Been experimenting on the dosage, full versus empty stomach, water content so still trying different combos that suits me. Note that a full packet gives me the stamina (and hardness) and is very effective, so been experimenting three quarter to half dosages. Another disclaimer with kamagra gel, please only use if you do not have any medical conditions.

    Arrived a little early at the large apartment complex in the city with a concierge, this one is near Melbourne Central. Text pimp stating I am a little early and to see if Erica is available now, no, wait for my booking which is totally understandable. Walked around the shops, got a text saying she is available early after all, great service and no further requests. Booking has been faultless.

    First impression, stunning face. I would say late 20s, maybe early 30s. Hard to tell. Body wise, above average. Enhanced C cup boobs on the right only and natural on the left which was interesting and surprisingly balanced. There was some lipo job to remove tummy fat with a tatt across the tummy (like with QQ) to cover the surgery mark. Ok english. Remember I asked for standard, there was a reason for this.

    I am very talkative, like to break the ice and establish chemistry. Got to the room, first thing was the girl on the mobile which is fair enough, she converse with pimp and confirm amount and service. I opt for standard sex because the service is normally shitty with privates, meaning they never last long with bbbj, dfk and apply too much restrictions. Bathroom was separate to the room, quick shower, come back and she was on the phone. While drying using my own towel, they provide, but I like to use my own, I ask her what she was doing on the phone and giggling, she showed me her "guy friend" (not the pimp) is constantly msg her and leaving voice messages. She showed me the messages. Err, I call that stalking, didn't want to hear more, so ask her to put the phone away. Stripped, trimmed vg but not shaved, she even joked if I can help her shave it off next time.

    Bedroom had no mirror so sat at the edge of the bed, got her to sit on my lap and suck suck those nice tits. Enjoyed her lovely body and beautiful face. Body wise, it is not swimsuit model like body, but still very nice. Chit chat trying to build chemistry, don't think she wants to talk, switched positions, kneel down while I remain sitting on the bed. Gave a nice CBJ. Ready for action, mish, scissors, doggie etc. Tried to finger her G, not allowed which I respected. Kamagra half gel did not work as effectively as I would like because the little one did not work. Threw in a few minutes of massage which was basically pressure on the back, yeah, ordinary, finish off with handjob. Time went really quick and 30 mins is not enough. She did everything for standard service, so really I have no complaints there.

    Went for a shower, came back and she was on the mobile. I tried chit chat to her, but she had none of that, she would respond with "yah", "ok" and giggle at her mobile, wasn't even paying attention to me. Ok, first time getting ignored like that. On the way to the door, last bit of squeezing her lovely tits and said my goodbyes.

    WIR? No, good looking but the mobile and chemistry... yes, this is an individual perception.
    Book again with pimp? Yes, wonderful service and hope to use his service again. I did ask Erica whether the pimp is good. She said "yes" which is reflected by his service. I might go with 45 mins with deluxe service with another girl in his stable, but we shall see due to recovery. Maybe punt at Crown instead.

    Overall, don't expect service to be like the establishments, remember, as always YMMV, looks, body type and service is dependent on individuals.

    Enjoy and for those going to Melbourne .. took one for the team.
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    good read thanks

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    Wow great review

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