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Thread: Miyun - South Brisbane

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    Miyun - South Brisbane

    Took a chance whilst in the city looking for a bit of company. After trolling through E&B found Miyun nearby in West End. Didnít bother with the usual pic check as they were obviously more than an iPhone snap with no real expectation of the 100% guarantee of what you see is what you get. Quick chat on the phone and provided address. On arrival rang the bell and waited patiently, door cracked open as she hid behind the door. Entered and was greeted by a pleasant face and curvy body hiding under a green silky slip. Was ushered into the front room where the aircon was chugging away in the window and the obligatory nondescript music competing for attention. Now, it was obviously not the girl in the ad and definitely not in her twenties ó just over five foot tall, nice curves and probably in her late thirties, DDís.Discussed what was on the menu and agreed on an hour, multi shots and DATY. Handed over five pineapples and she left me to undress whilst she turned down the air and sorted the bed. She started with a bit of a massage to loosen things up with a bit of chit chat. Flipped me over and slid off her slip to give me a better look at the goods. As she worked her way down to my torso and began to TT and rub down of legs before covering for a BJ. Techniques was a little rushed till I told her to slow and take her time, as she got comfortable motion and pressure improved and eventually took me all in, alternating with some ball play and stroke of the old fella. After a good ten minutes finally unloaded and she took off cover and cleaned up. She returned to my side on the bed where I played with her ample breasts and went down between her legs to her freshly shaved pussy. Nice tight lips and smelt nice. Now I have taken a recent favouring to oral and getting her to the big O. Miyun was receptive and was accepting of both tongue and finger of her after getting wet and becoming quite vocal especially when probing her freckle. Changed position up a few times till got her quivering in orgasm and pleading no more. Covered up and she spun around to revers cowgirl, allowing a nice view of her tight pussy and fingering her date as she rode up and down, have to say it took a great deal of concentration not to nut right then and there, so bucked her off and spun around for a bit of oral again to calm down and max my time. Back to a bit of missionary and play with her tits, she is a bit of a squealer when she gets going and wrapped her legs around my waist to restrict me a little. Flipped her to doggie as I didnít think I could hold on for much longer. Got a bit of a quiver out of her before shooting my load and collapsing on the bed. Laid back exhausted for a good few minutes before she recovered and both cleaned up. Probably the best session Iíve had in some time, felt a bit more connected and natural than previous efforts. Bit of chit chat after got out of the shower, would have been nice if she joined WIR, probably assuming it were the same girl again and not switched out.

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    Excellent review. Thanks for sharing.

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