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Thread: Private CBD - Natalie & Annabelle

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    Thumbs up Private CBD - Natalie & Annabelle

    Contact: / 0401781835
    Price: $360/30 minutes
    Service: GFE Threesome Incall
    When: Nov 2022

    First time posting, fifth time punting, second time going private. Found these two on E&B and the price seemed reasonable and phone number in the photo matched. Thought, why not.

    Arrived at the apartment, food was cooking on the stove and a butterface answered the door (Natalie). Annabelle was sitting on the couch on her phone. After a quick shower, made the way to the bed. Bed was as hard my dick, no sheets or protector. Just a tiny towel barely big enough to cover my bum. Natalie started with nipple licking before Annabelle joined. Annabelle was too busy looking at her phone and texting to really get involved at this point.

    They were speaking to each other in Mandarin and laughing, and did not answer me when I spoke.

    BBBJ began with Natalie, who sprayed numbing spray directly before hand. She used water in her mouth as she gave the BBBJ which was nice until the numbing spray started to affect me as well. Annabelle was checking her phone but occasionally gave light kissing and nipple play.

    Transitioned to reverse cowgirl with Natalie, whilst Annabelle, once again checked her phone. Technique was fine, but the numbing spray was causing havoc.

    Annabelle was mostly licking my nipple, before we transitioned to doggy with Natalie once again. I tried to get Annabelle involved, but it was clear that she was there as the support act. Doggy was fine, nothing super exciting - as is expected with doggy.

    After Doggy, we must've been approaching the end of our time (I don't think so but hey ho), and Natalie finished with a CBBJ before I popped one off.

    Overall, a little bit underwhelming. Payed for two and only really got one but the price checks out.

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    Not much chop there, Chinese scammers masquerading as Japanese hookers.

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    Are the photos legit?

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